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"Future Music remix contest, 2006"

Here's our Top Five remix competition winners, who
gleefully lapped up the chance to remix the Kill Bill Theme,
Death Without Honour by Tomoyasu Hotei.

"01 Deemah Sweet & Sour mix
"We have a winner!
"Deemah stole the top spot because this track perfectly
captures the idea of remixing. All the recognisable elements
are in there, but in a way that makes this stand out as a
real reworking, rather than just a case of 'same tune, different
beat'. The funky bassline works very well, and combined with
the use of the horn section gives a completely different feel
to the track.
"It's also very well produced and comes across as a finished
article. Whatever your opinion of Funky House, this really does
sound like something you could imagine hearing on a B-side... - Future Music

"Deemah EP Release"

December 2005

When Deemah (AKA Dmitry Meshcheryakov) came to Nova Scotia five years ago, he knew no one in the electronic music scene. So he busied himself with projects, slipping a song or two onto local compilations, until DJ and Revolution Records owner Nick Nonsense (AKA Nick Oliver) heard his stuff.

“There was a track by him that said he was from Dart-mouth,” Oliver says. “I was like, ‘How does someone making music this good in town get by me?’ My first suspicion was that he was really young and not able to get into bars.”

Oliver introduced himself to the producer last April and the two began working together. They’ve since played a handful of shows together, including a set of experimental electronica at last year’s Evolve Festival. Oliver helped score Deemah a 12-inch album deal with Slush Recordings in Toronto. And Deemah’s burgeoning career also got a boost when he recently won a prestigious DJ Dan remix competition.

Now comes his first, self-titled album released in Canada, a collection of upbeat, house-influenced numbers that can be placed alongside Daft Punk or Basement Jaxx. In part, this can be chalked up to Deemah’s rock origins. Most of his demos began as tracks three-and-a-half minutes long, bringing an immediate pop sensibility to his music.

“They were songs that I wanted to send out as demos in radio format,” he says. “I wasn’t thinking about those long, cool intros and outros because what was the point? When the time comes, I would start doing that.”

With an accessible slice of energetic music under his belt and one of the east coast’s biggest supporters of dance music behind him, the future looks bright for Deemah.

“As an immigrant, this record means a lot,” he says. “I’ve been here five years, but this project just started a year ago. I hope this is just the beginning.”


AKTIVE ( single) Stickman Records
TEASER ( single) Stickman Records
Halifax Explosion EP ( D'lectable)
Halibeat EP (ASR)
High Volume Deal EP (ASR)
Slavic contraband EP (ASR)
Tight Lipped EP ( ASR)
ONE / single/ ( Stratagem)
A bit insane / single/ ( Stratagem)

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This russian-canadian producer / multi- instrumentalist exploded onto the dance music scene in 2003 and quickly became the name to watch. His productions and live performances are fueled with hard funk and a serious but fun electronic edge that challenge anyone to sit still. After emigrating to Canada in 2000, Deemah spent the next 3 years producing in his home studio, writing and recording tracks. His 10 year-old love affair with hardware synths & drum machines that started back in Russia grew stronger over the years and became Deemah's old school approach that he has no desire of giving up. A prolific songwriter, a decisive producer and an experienced studio master , Deemah is here to stay.

Highlights: Halifax Explosion EP's "Words" appears on House of OM mixed compilation CD by Colette & DJ Heather.
Track "Guess" gets airplay on MINISTRY OF SOUND radio in the UK.
Shared stage with DJ Sneak, DJ Dan , K-OS.