Deepa Soul

Deepa Soul

 New York City, New York, USA

Embodying all of the elements of funk, rock, soul, reggae, house , blues and ballads, Deepa Soul can not be defined by or confined to any particular genre, but “In order to feel her you gotta get Deep In Yo Soul!” She delivers an electrifying LIVE performance that leave audiences wanting more.


A native of New Orleans, Deepa Soul's ‘Gumbo’ style of music has it’s roots anchored in the church – gospel, chorale; school – classical ,jazz, marching band, funk,rock & soul music, big band, and brass band; and parents who were gifted musicians themselves.

Deep in her soul, she could not ignore the stirring of a musical tide that would swell and erupt into an explosive dance or vibrant song. Her teenage and young adult years would find her honing this gift, nurturing this craft.

Deepa's first single "NOWHERE LOVE" soared to the top of the Billboard Dance Chart breaking onto the charts at #3 with CHER breaking out at #1 with "BELIEVE". Deepa Soul was discovered by DJ Producer Junior Vasquez who was responsible for producing platinum records for CHER, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Deborah Cox, Madonna, Britney Spears, and many more...Her collaboration with Junior Vasquez has proven to be a winning combination as she soared to the top of the charts again with her single "As I Am" breaking onto the charts at #1 claiming the Hot Shot Debut, and Power Pick all in consecutive weeks. Her single peaked at the #4 spot with the Pussy Cat Dolls holding down the #1 spot with 'Don't Cha".

Although, Deepa has proven her prowess as a top selling Billboard recording artist, she has yet to show her superb musical repertoire of songwriting, composing and producing. She combines her musical & educational influences and infuses the elements of Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown, Millie Jackson, WAR, LaBelle, Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton and Jamiroquai to create an electrifying musical journey encompassing everything from classical funky/soulful interludes to hard rock, funk and soul grooves. The horn and vocal arrangements are infectious with the merging of modern electronica sounds make for an eclectic stage performance that has audiences dancing to a sweat.

Her delivery of vocals and stage presence have been compared to greats like Mavis Staple, Gladys Knight, Millie Jackson, Betty Davis, Janis Joplin, Melissa Ethridge, and Lynn Collins.

Complete with drums, percussion, bass, guitar, keys, strings, horns and background vocals, Deepa Soul’s self named band is a musical ‘tour de force’ in LIVE performances and… when the spirit moves she sometimes plays bass, percussion, keys and trombone.

Her forth coming triple disc album 'Ego Trippin' is sure to be a classic for generations to come.

Her penchant for costumes and high fashion add a colorful dimension to her eclectic stage shows fusing a nostalgic sound with a new birth edge.

Deepa Soul's performances and music collection is like your i-Pod being on shuffle! She does it all and does it well! Ain't no half steppin'.....


EP (Limited Edition) "NOWHERE LOVE" produced by Junior Vasquez - Nervous Records
"A Night At The Tunnel" CD Compilation by DJ Jason Ojeda
"Junior's Nervous Breakdown" by DJ Junior Vasquez
"What Makes You Tick" - Soul Trotta Series Vol. 1
EP (Limited Edition) "As I Am" produced by Junior Vasquez - JVM
"Arrival" CD Compilation by DJ Mike Cruz
"Soakin Wet 2" CD Compilation by DJ David Knapp

Set List

Deepa In Yo Soul
What It Takes
City Life
Have Some Fun
You Created A Monster (Millie Jackson cover)
Frontin Friends
Badest Sista On Tha Block
Fear Disappear
Let's Do It Again (Mavis Staple cover)
Betta Experience of Love
Mood I'm In
Something To Believe In
Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield Cover)