Deep Bleu Zue

Deep Bleu Zue


Its a journey into the world of deep, funky, soulful music, with an electronic appeal.


Ples Jones, aka "DeepBleuZue" has always had a love for music. Even in his tender years, he was always thinking of remixing songs with 2 tape decks and a boom box. As he grow older he realized that the music bug had bitten him, and he would begin his journey into the world of the music industry. Having a extensive background in R/B and Hip Hop, deeps music is very soulful, and has a funky appeal to it. His influences range from the Isley brothers to LL Cool J, to Little Louie Vega, deep continues to create music from the heart. His roots are R/B and Hip Hop, which got him invited to exclusive parties in South Beach, FL, Deep now focuses on House music, which he is hitting the Underground scene by storm. With his extensive network of friends which include Roy Davis Jr, DJ Terry Hunter, Stacy Kidd and others, deep is surely on his way to being a premiere producer in the industry.


Strawberry Rose, Deep Mass, French Kiss are all getting roataion on Internet Radio 1190, on the BIOBASS radio show, on Saturdays at 9pm CST.

Set List

My typical set starts out very deep and funky...and builds in intensity to house and some progressive. Latest set is 60 mins. Also being featured on the BIO BASS radio show.