DeepC - Melodic Eclectic Rock


DeepC is under the influence of all genres of music, because it is everywhere... with an inkling towards World music, Jazz, and Rock'n Roll, . While these amazing musicians have contributed to the eclecticism of DeepC, the music steers ahead with an inventive and original progresssive sound and spirit. After picking up guitar(primarily self taught plays with an unorthodox approach) in 1997, DeepC spent time creating a unique sound, primarily in the Boston/Cambridge/NYC area, playing open mikes and busking in the subways and Harvard Square. Deep hooked up with John Stump and Kyle Mealy in 2002 and the band was formed. By the summer of 2002, the band established itself on the local music scene known as DeepC. The arrival of new members Bill Johnston on Lead and Nazo Tejrian on Bass from Syria in 2005 has added new direction delving more into the reggae jazz rock vibe.
DeepC is on a musical journey constantly reinventing himself. The new Album has an old school progressive rock approach. The Album was recorded with LIVE feel....

New Album - " RIDE " released February 2006. Be sure to listen to tracks "Freedom" " Papa" & RIDE

In Addition DeepC plays/performs/jams on a regular basis with Singer Songwriters from Somerville/Cambridge at "The Burren's " Open Mike playing Djembe on a professional level.
So don't hesitate to contact me if you want the groove down!!



Written By: DeepC

Drive my car to work
Same old route everyday
The skies greet me always
Light turns green,rush begins
Think that you finding yourself (3)
oh oh oh......

Some love their work
Hear them say
Belief in systems, don't change
So much for tiresome workers
Much work to do, no mudslaves
Things are done out of their way (3)
oh oh oh.....

I see people and moods
Environment rules the world
Most people seem so perturbed
Intoxication kicks in
Think that your somebody else (3)
oh oh oh.......

FREEDOM 5/2000

Written By: DeepC

If I’d live here forever
I wanna watch the mighty game
If I’d stay here prepared
No telling of the final hours

The distance gets further
So many get carried away
The future’s in the power
No guarantees to games

*To Freedom, wanna breathe
To Freedom, another’s greed
To freedom, high stakes indeed

If I’d lived here stronger
I wanna lift my head above
If I’d paid all my dues
I would choose a peaceful world

The image gets grayer
United weighs beyond
The struggle’s always slower
Beginning to the end

To Freedom, must believe
To freedom, can I speak?
To freedom, a fantasy
To freedom, timely schemes


DeepC has completed a new 8 song recorded at, Westford, MA Engineered by Zac Cataldo released March 2006.
CD'S can be purchased for $10

DeepC full length album, "Play By Ear", was released in 2003, Engineered by Dave Lefkowitch. Recorded at Renaissance Studios, Boston, MA.
Available at

Deep C released an 5 Song EP, "Swim", in 2000. It was produced by Recorded, Engineered at Nashua, New Hampshire.

Set List

DeepC plays mostly original music with an occasional cover tune from the 60's thru the 90's a. The setlist includes, but is not limited to, music from the albums, A set might last for about one hour, and DeepC has enough material for up to three sets. DeepC can perform an acoustic set, and/or electric set. A set list really depends on the venue.