Deep Calls Band

Deep Calls Band

 McAllen, Texas, USA

Deep Calls is a Christian indie rock band founded by Shon & Teresa Comparin. Their fiery sound is reaching around the world. From rockin' guitars to gentle piano ballads- hearts are stirred as their sound is heard.


Each member of Deep Calls brings a unique spice of experience and passion to the mix. The result - Relentless Worship. Shon Comparin has 27 years of music in his blood. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas with sounds of AC/DC then later playing the country bar room scene, he got a new start in the Christian faith. In December, 2001 Shon married the love of his life. Teresa Comparin from Toledo, Ohio had been singing ever since she was a little girl. From solos at church to the school choir she found joy in serving. When hard times came in her teen years she drifted away only to be drawn back to the mercy of God. It is this experience that brings a fire of devotion in her worship, a gratitude for life renewed and a compassion for others who are hurting. Together Shon and Teresa have written songs that encourage others to go deeper in love with God. The two both say, "Nothing else matters as much as this."

A few years later came Cindy Molina- piano extraordinaire from Nebraska. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship both on and off stage. This alliance of "musical warfare" would soar higher together. As she brings driving sounds from heaven the others chime in with an accompaniment of heart-felt praise and melody.

What sets Deep Calls apart is a zeal for prophetic worship; flowing in the Spirit and singing out what is heard from their hearts. There is a personal touch in their rapport with the audience and a "down to earth" comfort.


Endlessly - The Single from their debut CD Endlessly.

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The repertoire consists of mostly originals (Covers and Spanish upon request.)


We Give You Praise

Shine The Light

His Song

Awake The World