Deep Dark Robot

Deep Dark Robot

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Singer/songwriter/producer Linda Perry’s latest venture is Deep Dark Robot. Featuring Perry and drummer Tony Tornay, she describes the LA-based band's music as in the spirit of "dirty French garage pop." The album, 8 Songs About a Girl, is set for release in March 2011 on Perry’s label, Custard.



As ever, singer/songwriter/producer Linda Perry defies those who would categorize her, with the creation of her latest musical venture Deep Dark Robot. The band, a Los Angeles-based group whose music she describes as in the spirit of “dirty French garage pop,” features Perry and drummer Tony Tornay (formerly of desert rock band Fatso Jetson). Of the band’s title, Perry says, "Deep Dark Robot is an artificial agent trying to be human." Given the complexities of life and relationships, she adds, "Aren't we all just trying to be human?"

Deep Dark Robot‘s debut album, 8 Songs About a Girl, is scheduled for release in mid-March 2011 on Perry’s own label, Custard (Crash Kings, James Blunt, Little Fish, Bigelf). The songs are very personal in nature: “They were written in the past five months,” Perry reveals, “and were inspired by a girl who put my heart on a roller coaster and didn't let me off.”

With the album 8 Songs About a Girl, Perry bares her soul with music and lyrics that run the gamut of emotions. Each song throughout the album is woven together to tell an honest story.

What inspired the launch of Deep Dark Robot was Perry’s desire to get out of the studio and go on tour. Says Perry, “It’s time for a change.”

Set List

It Fucking Hurts
Won't You Be My Girl
I'm Coming For You
You Mean Nothing To Me
No One Wakes Me Up Like You Do