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If The Last Poets had been lesbians, they would be Deep Dickollective. Think if bell hooks had breakbeats, or if Sweet Honey In The Rock had an SP-1200,or if James Baldwin was a backpacker. It's not that deep.


Juba Kalamka (pointfivefag) barely subsisting and living in a youth hostel following a December 1998 move to San Francisco from Chicago, takes the last $30 of his Starbucks paycheck and buys two tickets for the 10th Anniversary screening of Marlon Riggs' Tongue Untied at the Castro Theatre (June,1999). Says pointfivefag:

"I'd paid my rent for the next two weeks, and the two tickets left me with $3 till we got tips the next Friday. I'm thinking, I'm in San Francisco, and it's my first pride event. Do I miss this show, or go, be really broke and have something to remember for life? I'm so glad I did."

An erotic poetry reading followed the screening, in which Tim'm T. West (25 percenter) was a presenter alongside Jewelle Gomez, G Winston James and Marvin K. White. Struck by the first open description of queer desire in hip hop culture he'd ever heard, Juba approached West following the reading and exchanged phone numbers. After a week or so of phone tag, the two began hanging out. On one occasion Juba was introduced to Louie Butler, who hosted a series of popular spoken word events in downtown Oakland.

Juba was in the beginning stages of recording what would become his first solo spoken word/hip hop experiment - Pre/tensions, and now had the opportunity to write and perform on a regular basis in a queer-friendly context. Meanwhile, on Stanford's campus, Tim'm made his first connection with Phillip Atiba Goff (lightskindid) a Philadelphia born, Harvard grad/first-year psychology student. Says 25percenter: "In a typical sort of Stanfordish fashion someone asked me, "do you know Phill? He has dreadlocks too, but he's lightskinded" The two began commisserating around Stanford's Campus, the three finally meeting at a Stanford COHO Spoken Word/Hip Hop show. It was at this point that the three realized the intersection of their artistic and cultural sensibilities, and decided to hang out to work together.

Adjourning to a music room on Stanford's campus to jam in a piano room, Tim'm and Juba rapped, sang and scatted while Phil spoke and wailed and played. They came up with the basis for 15-20 songs (a number of which have become BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomo), as well as the name Deep Dickollective - a tongue in cheek fun-poke at the proliferation of womanist "punani poet" enclaves in '90s spoken word circles. Encouraging responses from the public following their firts public performance during the Black Gay Letters and Arts Movement's(B/GLAM) 2000 showing Out Festival,

Returning from a radio simulcast of counter-hegemonic-to-the-military/industrial-cultural-production poetry and song, it was over a double cheeseburger and chili fries that Ralowe Trinitroluene Ampu (G-Minus) brought his brand of scathing anarchy into 25percenter's operation. 25percenter was unsure with whether the young and apparently mentally unstable individual (who was dressed as the devil) was just another irrational radical or in fact, a fag. Their first encounter was not the most harmonious, but it was G-Minus' sincere passion for their art of rhyming which proved irresistible and resulting in the near immediate installment in the collective.

Further encounters and performances with G Minus led the group to connect with their pivotal recording opportunity with Dub scientist Russell "ArchieSmooth" Gaddis, a friend of bassist Mitsu Overstreet, who G Minus met in a San Francisco bookstore. Thus began the process of recording the initial D/DC release, at which time the group began re-connecting with several of members their individual communities, including Douglas (Doug E) Eglin, a co-founder of seminal Oakland crew Conflama (who featured on two tracks "Straighttrippin'" and "The Ah-Ah" before his amicable departure to concentrate on solo ventures) and Oakland poet Dazie' R. Grego (Ms. Edge).

In the period leading up to and immediately following the completion of "BourgieBoho" in November 2001, D/DC began securing spot tour dates in a number of local venues, as well as college and university functions around the United States. It was function that The group met Marcus Rene' Van (Mr. ManMan,The Herb With Nerve) a renowned performance poet and filmmaker,and later Jeree Brown (JBRapItUp) a poet/mc drum and bass producer from East Palo Alto.

Both Brown and Van brought important individual performance histories that have been succesfully intergrated into the continually developing and evolving Deep Dickollective universe of artists,and are featured heavily on "The Famous Outlaw League of Proto-Negroes" (2004) which was named to Out Magazine's Top Ten Gay Albums of The Year list. D/DC's fifth full length "On Some Other" will be released in early 2006.
Given the impress hip-hop has had on culture internationally, the interventions lyrically and politically of a bunch of queer Negroes is bound to have ripple effects. The point is that D/DC represents a "coming out" in hip-hop about what some of us have known for a long time:



Written By: Deep Dickollective



we are movin
can't stop
cuz we ain't got time
(good god)
just like grandpa used to say
hope the time will come someday
some people
choose to live their lives
movin' this way

(we keep on movin don't stop, no)
(we keep on movin won't stop, o)

Reddirty-ville to the Mid Atlantic
frantic collegiate
ebonic philosophical antics
found myself
found hiphop
he was locked up in a closet
trying to hide from spittin real topics
I gave him the key to unlock his voice
he gave me me
I gave him free
b-boyism for religion
beatbox traditions
I slaved under a massa named Duke
who rebuked strange fruit
till i busted loose the noose
and found truth
a Christopher street cipher
after Tuesday red zone
fresh cologne, no ET phone home
I was alone
bout to explode in a vogue
when a Ninja saved my life
banjee realness crucifix kiss
a nice price
he said yes, i was blessed
but then had to move West
I was at bay
hated tall trees, hung out in EPA
where my parlay got a little better
than okay
a little wetter than LA
a bit better to be gay in O-town
without fear
and a conscience mo clear
and some other brothas
with similar movements to help steer
D/DC, 99 was the year
and we just kept on


JB R.A.P. It Up:

I'm movin tryin to hide from fate
gonna to raise the rate
gonna find the right time to date
and I'm movin
can't be late
U rush instead of concen-tra-ting
on continual growth
ascending towards clarity
learning life lessons of what you want
finding - solution
while what you need
be shinning through the fog
can u see the light
cuz its ummm...
shinning so bright
people seen as people and not like Dolomite
stereotypes - Gays or Dikes
see JUICE. be a dime a dozen
yet overtly ordinary
taught to be yo self, let it flow
hold yo brotha- sista though
nothing is lost in new start
sometimes you gotta let go
gone mad ; organized chaos
deconstructing to reconstruct
real education

Protonegroes Theme

Written By: Deep Dickollective

Essexincantations (BMI)

we are Famous Proto-Negroes
mission hipsters come to our shows
Liberals , lefties step to our flows
so well spoken, so safe to know
we are Famous Proto-Negroes
DSL's and African Nose
Homos, though , cant tell from our clothes
Scaring white boys in the Castro

I know the salad fork from the dinner one
my booty weighs a ton
and my witty repartee' with a mouth full of crudite
stuns them at the dinner dance/ hands down and pants down
the chance I'll embarrass you is minimal
I call you on the shit you pull
on Market Street where all the darkies meet
I was prepared for it/ you ackin scared an' shit
a tattoo freak/ an fraid to speak
cause a nigga is a nigga is a nigga every day of the week
it reeks its rank, at the bank in line
you see me there, a blank stare, but I dont mind
you see I know yo kind I took the time to see
that a liberal is a racist in a space pretending not to be
You need me/ I'm in the plan you made
a spade to kiss away the damage/
I'm handy cause I'm smarter than the average
Goddamit left you standing shocked
I'm like your friends them New Age men
at Oberlin and Antioch
Or Amherst and damn my hand hurts
The Stanford MC needs a Blackberri
to/read so heed and take notes
I'm pulling 20 years of quotes
from those who know your bullshit
so 2-5, spit, yo


proto negro you make yo hair grow
slowly raise yo spine to levels
where I find my own devils
actually confront silly fronts
I proto Negro, been through stunts
I bring it 2 you, I give you whattcha want
proto sets standards
can be hazardous to your health
of busta tom coon bastard
and the word are plastered all over
on the bass walls down treble halls
hear rhythm calls
thou art with you and you understood
the first man spoken and so it was good
you may think i'm joken,i wish you would
you wish you could
t'aint neva been all good
time for balance rejuvination we should
know all there is, is love and infatuation
love is the only answer empowers creation
spawn nigg-gods need for rehibilitation
nig i ro open door proto soul glow
uno number one negro


Yo, we walk in the path of the footsteps laid
brothas known as: str8, punks, b-boys, or trade
collaborate to commemorate the great
we breath and sigh
angels got wings so we fly
(and is they feeling this?)
I think they scared to clap
relax, boogie black and then let that neck snap back
and if they start feelin this
then they gotta understand
definition of me?
realness feel this
country grammatology
ghetto homos fa'sho
with no apologies
cuz proto neg-a-roes be
comin to yo show with flows
incense sticks and cowry clips
and shit
rice and beans
jerk chicken and plantain chips
black soap and vintage clothes
and when ya'll hoez don't dig me
I still got some love for ya'll hoez
dreadlocks pop lock
cuz heads lock
non-stop we bourgie bohemian brothas
not lyrical cops
compose those that loathe
sissy codes at shows
you didn't know
Ask yo cousin Tay-Kwan, he prob'ly know
who came to rock the mic like Lyte
I ain't your blood
you Blacula, tryin' to bite the tight.

Dock Of The Lake

Written By: Deep Dickollective

Essexincantations (BMI)


We sittin while we spittin'
on the dock of the Lake
just like any other day in the Bay
D/DC we be that way
some say that's hella gay
and that's okay with us
we bust' (flows) anyways
when we sittin on the dock of the Lake
ya heard me?

sittin on the dock of the Lake
not expectin to fish
cuz today I feel like being the bait
jog laps cuz where it's at
is staying swole like that
corn-fed with the dreds
Oakland Blaxploitation, I'm the Mack
with a penchant for the glance back
of niggas thats got back
and that's got my back
when rap cats wanna give flack
about the way the words stack
like Lego blocks
b-boys down for b-boys
lips on lock
but I don't feel no metal grill
supposedly keepin it real
it don't feel real to be iced out
and can't buy a happy meal
I don't dock or lip lock
to get electro shocked
diss-assemble the excess
you independent, the go bot
and pop lock for the old catz
like me that go way back
when being hard was about libido
and negroes was bustin' flo fa show
by the shore
prepin' for shows
cuz it's like that
and that's the way it goes!


Man Man:

sittin by the dock of the bay
like Otis Redding,
forgetting that Armageddon is sweating time
for a chance to shine like that shoe man on market,
who gives a brother advice
on how to keep my livin right.
i tip him and say good night.
i'm on my way to play in chocolate waves of my girl's hair.
i witness midnight from the missionary position.
guilty like the spanish inquisition,
i'm hittin and gettin that. and loving it too
not to be rude, but I'm thankin you lord
cuz you give me the strength that it takes to break stereotypes
and give me advice
on how to keep it going, how to keep my living
Freedom, who really runs the state of the world
it's like a stareship flip-flopped and dropped off
in the middle of the universe
a ride to survive to see who kills who first (first)
and when the thirst for blood becomes greater than water
and the streets where hotter than the sun
then the gun is just a toy placed in the hand of the boy
the classic trojan horse of troy-- WHAT!



im in that cruise for a bruise again
and the trend thats been set
says we wont be friends but i'mma bet
that you a bigger man than that black
so imma stand here and watch
you grab your jock and scratch your crotch
adjust your shorts as well
as your comportment swells
and you sold me on your business plan stan
i'm your biggest fan on campus
cause they stamped us freeky deeky
so my man be lampin weekly on the beach
and he be featured in my speech
with all these preachers screaming "jesus jesus"
cept he's converting new believers
big baby faltered at the same altar
its like gestaltist little walter
taught you walking on the water
drowning in milk and silk stockings
cause my boots was made for knocking
and thats just what theyll do
theres no trade available at the zoo
you say you saw your boo with a dude,
so now i guess you got a clue




Written By: Deep Dickollective

Essexincantions (BMI)


Will the real revolutionary stand up
Will the real revolutionary come bust
you can suffocate hate dismiss deny we
D/DC still soldiers (see)


soldier, sold ya out/so Imma trick it
turn table friendly/I'm gone flip it
revolution resurrects/the mic check
I check the breath/theoretically complex
keepin ya vexed
I place a hex
on hets who say homos
ain't really negroes/ain't really heroes
who gonna hold the gun
when the pale horse come
to get yo black ass
when other blacks/ain't have your back
I was stacked
looking back so I had your back, black
ready to attack from the sugar shack
you need fags/so don't get madd
don't act grand like poobah
blacker than thou hoopla
I'm on the front lines
and bullets don't discriminate
death awaits us/open ya eyes, wake
Afrocentricity tries to abolish me
what you gon' do with no muse
with no Langston Hughes and his blues
Michael ain't the only Jordan who soars
June, Pat Parker, Audre Lorde
Billy Strayhorn to Essex Hemphill
talkin' revolution
but ain't nobody keepin it real



when you caught in the lockstep
just trying to get a rep and keep it real
tryin' to deal/ now you looking for the steel
you gota a full metal jacket
to protect your insides from fryin'
cryin while you waitin' on appeal
you gonna kneel, mabye heal, in your pennance
in the pen so to win/you make a sentence of your sentence
cause I been there and here before
inside your eye inside the store
you did it cause you poor /and you want more
red is slowly spreading on the floor
grab the 40-oh/you headed for the door
Now ya covered with trash and trying to lay back
cash and the crackrock/the padlock sound
your daddy and your cousin
said that you was headed for theBlackhawk Down overseas
that this was it/shoveling shit
peeling taters
"Man , I could did this shit at Mickey D's just down the street!"
you feel the heat /in the seat of your pants
in your teeth/ and in your stance/you wanna dance
but you failing and you flailing cause they nailing down your feet
you wanna scream but the pain is so sweet
reverberating in the dream of the cream with the sheep
a loaf a' bread a stick of butter
grab a gallon milk. and mebbe meat
cause selling treats and rare silk
will mabye get a ngiga kilt
and for the chaser on/ what is your nation built
I'm in it to the hilt
and I'm soldiering



Cuz I'm a soldier
mama should've showed yah,
I thought I told yah , never scold yah
put nothing on yah and you need to honor thy brotha
& don't be late for your self, check the health
Diamonds are coals under pressure, stealth
and undetectable until the stress
then shows the true nature of best
the crystal glow, stand firm hold the floor
protect the door, step to it then U'll know
first take time for self
West prepares, ready Most Def defy ing ly
when you feel sticky heavyness
and you need to hold to the Facts rely ing on this
hold on to faith true dat
and you have dominion act like you own your life
so act like you know
never been here before well let me show you
don't believe the hype, react
a soldier conscious of defeat will find that
thou fears no man No retreat
walk with the hand /armed soldier black man
God say I can and I will for fill
till death left me still destiny- it's real --
To be a soldier and I am ill

Chorus 3x fade

We Out

Written By: Deep Dickollective

Essexincantations (BMI)


Pointfive but all sissy
figure how you missed me the last time
The last line was missing these additions
I crashed rhymes together
whether be leather pleather pants
or taf-et-ta, still they asking ya
Rap It Up a lil' faster
pass the peas and the Clastered Sunbows
for the yo yos and Knee-ga-roes with masters
and the Doctorates, still I rock the shit
For the Stanford MC's he/shes on Telegraph
and sadly for your daddy at the Reef
His wedding ring in his pocket
wants to sock-it-to-my-cakes, at stake's
the clown I found in your du-du brown around the Lake
Merritt Bakery,engage in fakery and lies
I watch you die next to the sweet potato pies
as 2-5 eyes the host,
we trouble his bubble- but the brother butter butters his toast
and we coast-to the stack-although the likes attract
its sideways we gaze so all the light refracts
through all the cracks and slights
from your aunts and friends Karenga-ites alike
for pie queens and dykes
they why I write the the track
and when Its time to fight,
you know I got your back
like all my kids at SMAAC
that know the time to twist
with high heels, and hammerheads and bats and fists
and we out,and he out, and she out

Chorus 2x

cuz In The hood (We Out)
Itz getting good (We Out)
We here to flirt (We Out)
You getting hurt (We Out)
We here to bust (We Out)
So nicca,trust (We Out)
We here to twist (We Out)
So bend yo' wrist (We Out)


He started out a light year ago to get here today
and his child molestation is not the reason
he says that "I'm Gay"
nor is a defining factor
in the play of choices, you see, he was an actor
born into this damnation
and convinced by this holy nation that he was an abomination,
They preached but if only paid attention to
or took the time to mention
or map out or reach out to a solution
they might find a young one
about to reach out of his shell
cuz his soul dun swell
thank Goodness his bones held
thank God for there mind meld
thankfully blessed to interpret these interpretation
expelled as - explo - exh -explorations
difference between Gods Will and Mans Word
I know that, some are fabrications
taught as education
Throughout and under this nation
Known to be silent - yields constipation
Gotta be all You Can Be
Thou prepareth a table before He
In the presence of ah thy enemies
She restoreth my soul strengthening my Identity
For his name sake, Oh, We
Yea though we walk though the valley
Of shadows and death and dark echoes
We protected don't you see the Hello Fellow
We Out like Mellow Yellow... Hah hAh

Chorus 1x


I be some indigo girls shit
flipped out on a Run DMC tip.
the rubber hung one busting hypothetical nuts on your tongue.
Ladies, can it be denied
that I understand thee, feminine being
no other brother will know you better than me.
Like weed I smoke the fool who drools
over false prophecies of heterosexuality,
infiltrating silly dreams of 2.5 family lies.
don't give a fuck who I offend,
not pretending to fit in,
just spinning rhythmic verses
worshipping the pen


Yeah I'm out
and you done ran str8 outta luck
another punk enter the cipher
smoked as blunt styles like monk
blastin southren speakers like crunk
you hate on a brotha way to much
and duckin sick whenever you drunk
I suggest you check you estrogen levels
or that spit you claim is next shit
but ass COMMON as devils
what you gonna do with D/DC wordplay
you insecure as mississippi shacks
on scraps of hey
diss a gay? I've known I was that way
since 1st grade
your shits redundant
like taken extra hits after you blunted
go get your beat down backup
heteroflow from your partna with the hickups
get somethin useful, you need a pickup
Nicca please! I kick steady as Jet Li
you Jet Blue from my crew
I bleed beatz out the nose at shows
check your corner dice rings for donations
I'm a scholar (for real) off of vacation
Tired of lame ass disses
bout some unknown gay rap shit
I been cummin for years
what's that instrument you spit with (Bieytch)
My gramma stamina knows
womynism and Negritude
while you still recyce (a one two, a one two)

chorus 1x


Diss Order

Written By: Deep Dickollective

Essexincantations (BMI)

25Percenter ad lib intro


the brain fibulates and the heart thinks
the eyes say word and the ears blink
it's chaos and disorder when someone demands a freestyle extend
system override
shit come out the mouth and not the rear end
word offend, thoughts bend ass-back and bass-akward
ciphers don't need ya sorry salivating stature
First frontier of the year
nothing in the space matters but the mass
lotioning libations for that ash
free style
style free? but shackles on them ankles
my fingertips smell freedom
but catz chicken like Bojangles
freedom don't smell like apple pie,
(but a ham hoc)
instinctively in-sync bi byes
motioned in a pop-lock
can keyboards anticipate a word?
can keystrokes conjugate a verb?
can I suggest that we learn on curves
in Bedstuy, East Oakland, or Leimert?
does mainstreamin guarantee you herd?
and would that render nonsense knowledge?
and them ghetto tongues ebonic?
would it validate my frolic,
cuz I dice up words like chopsticks
and consume
and continue to rock the mic (Right)


Through Dis order, I ask you What is stability for?
I cannot ignore/the massive amounts of gore
On the television and out side my front door
Sit-in down on the first floor
ground zero
I can not ignore, the liquor stores
On every corner-creating drug addicts galore
The fact that my heroes
wish they had lawyers like Shapiro
We're considered men you should fear though
I can not, no I wont hide from the truth
You know ya got, to stop lying boi
Bring the youth up
To the level so they can feel it
Give it to yah , How ya want to?
If you feel it, For real though
What is stability for?
When dis order walks through the door....


I'm The master of the obscure cultural reference
fruity loops and head fakes that make you look stupid
472 times before the end of a paragraph fragment
Oh you thought i'd say "sentence"?
you better conjugate, bitch.
paragraphs, faggot
but that would be too much like right
thats my granmomma type of spite
West By God Va-ginny odd body politicking and spin,see
eggs toasted in Coffeeville spilled this Miss-sissy
I be the Star Buckin Star Fucking crooked letter veteran
that left the Christians extra crispy
while snacking Grahm crackers attack from the Picture Page Window
I stand Pat and Rob your 700 Kinchlows
and bringing all my alms for old Uncle Toms reading Psalms
you say Roll on the balm , but my funky underarms
charm the pants off of Bay Area Resid-ants
and I schlep rides from a chain of Bayjan and Pagan Polypeptides
I slide home
and If youre Jonesin on Hyde,
or singin at Glide, I'm on your side
seen on the sceen with K Queens at Pride
and nigh the high of thighs
and more if youre bored
catch this dis ordered Story Of My Eye


It hides on the ground, it lies and you can't see it
No you caught up in the midst of the ride
On the outside
of the grass looking in
Trying to turn it over, but you see there's nothing on the other side
You bend a corner to find you friend
But ya can't live in side the glass case of the ceiling
No, See, the space preserved for flesh assess
like you and me
But life don't fit into the little boxes we draw for it
It takes the class to show it
I will and I can stand
I will absorb I am a man
And I press on...

JB and Pointfivefag ad lib


CD (Sugartruck, 2001)

Them Niggas Done Went And Said...
CD (Sugartruck, 2003)

All Deep Dickollective albums are available at (search "Deep Dickollective")

Movin' b/w Straighttrippin' (C-Phlavormix)
7" single (Sugartruck 2003)

The Famous Outlaw League Of Proto-Negroes
CD (Sugartruck, 2004)

Live At Wildseed And Mo'
CD (Sugartruck,2005)

On Some Other
CD (Sugartruck 2007)

Set List

Deep Dickollective can do a one (1) hour show of original material.

sample set list:

Fresh Fruit
Straighttrippin' (C Phlavormix)
Dock Of The Lake
Cologne On Funk
I Am
Protonegroes Theme
Other Countries (PeopleAllOver)
Famous (Don't Let)
We Out