Deep Field

Deep Field


Deep Field: Imagine the first pictures of space, Aristoles Harmony of the Spheres, and a Blazar, Now make a band out of that.


A limerick I’ll write with inflection
For our infamous "About Us" section
Our music emphatic
Perhaps charismatic
And all with a soulful complexion

But who are we to judge our creation?
Though it may cause us great elation
To only each other
Can we hold a druther
To the music we lack qualification

Oh Robert, the generous host
At whose humble abode we do post
Though his guitar playing’s nice
It’s his hat-wearing vice
With which we’re so plainly engrossed

Oh Jarvis, the man on a mission
With his drumsticks to cause a sedition
Were it not for the stitch
Of complete lack of pitch
I’d almost call him a musician

Oh Julian, the blackest of black
Though his skin doesn’t show it, it’s fact
Though some may call his voice
A great weapon of choice
’Twill always be his lips that attack

Oh Peter, the man on the bass
Whose skills we’ve so fiercely embraced
But from March to December
He will be remembered
As the one with the hair on his face

And as for the author of this gimmick
Whose keyboarding skills you can’t mimic
I must say "How deft!"
If my name isn’t Geoff
And I’ll almost rhyme the last stanza of this limerick.


Demo released April 1rst 2008

Set List

All Original music.
We play just the right amount of music.