Deep in Green

Deep in Green


We are tight, and rely on the vibes and chemistry between us to make the best music possible. Either Improvising or just grooving the song how we know it. We put dedication and determination above most bands to reach our ultimate goals in life... To medicate people with our music in anyway possible.


We are a band that started in May of 2010 with Zak, Danny, Derrik and Mike. Justin joined in August of that year and with his unique vocal tone and a tendency to create intriguing lyrics and melodies, we knew we were complete. We continued writing and playing any where we could all over the state, including toads place, the webster, a variety of bars, and some festivals. We recently came in second place at a battle of the bands at the webster. After a while we though it would be nice to expand our sound so we decided to add a hand drum player.
We feel as though it rounds out our sound nice and gives our music that extra depth its missing. As for our influences we love Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, War, Hendrix, Jazz, Santana, Tommy Bolin and a number of musician. As for our sound you could call us a Fusion band combining the likes of rock, jazz, blues, and funk. We practice about everyday and we are very dedicated musician looking to earn a living off of this, but at the same time would we take any show, paid or not, we just wanna get our names out there. So if you like our music we would appreciate any opportunity we could get to improve our notoriety.


We have only done recording either in the basement or live, and have put them on CD's to release. We will be going into the studio at the end of May.
Songs Released:
Inner City Funk
Deep in Green
Psycadelic Love
Please Be Free