Deep In The Ninth

Deep In The Ninth


" The haunting whispers and musical voicings of Nick Drake, the pop genius and lyrical mastery of The Cure, and the vangaurd creativeness of legendary writers Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman have effected Deep In The Ninth in a way which has them producing an all together new, refreshing, very mature and unique sound, a sound to be heard and not denied!


Recently formed in summer 2003, "Deep In The Ninth" is a Toronto based band considered home to Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Williams and guitarist James MacGregor. Michael and James have created a very tight bond by writing/recording and performing together for the past ten years.
After having spent close to a year living in New Orleans and working with producer/engineer Marc Bingham, whom's resume includes that of John Schofield, Roy Orbinson and REM, Williams is back and anxious to perform. Since forming the group, Michael and James have experimented with different rythm sections looking for the right sound and feel, the last being Tim White and Dale Henderson (The Headstones).
Deep In The Ninth are currently in preproduction for their next release tentitively titled "The Height Of", and gearing up for a year of playing shows to audiences both familiar and new, at home and abroad.


Little More

Written By: M. Williams

In times of doubt I'll think about you, then answers come as to what I should do,
and when I feel as though times runing out, through remembered dreams I'll hear you shout,

I've heard you say, you've heard it all before but might I add just a little more,

Guided by your voice lifted by your words, you're gonna have to make a conscience choice, do what it takes even if it hurts,
I guess I'm just feeling the way you felt, finally dealing with the cards I was dealt,

From rags to riches to rags, boredom bitches, hell it nags,
like a little kid tuggin on your sleeve, like ten little kids tuggin on your sleeves, for just a little more,

before you close the door, before I leave, I'm praying for a stay, staying awake sleeping with my clothes on every night trying to make things right,

I do thank you for the wealth, health love and happiness, not just for myself but for my poor old princess.


Written By: M. Williams

I've been living my life with no fixed address, driving through the night in search of rest, now I'm finding it hard to determine if that couch I've been calling my home is worth a trade in,

Something, I had to do
Something I had,

I've been flying across countries with no regrets, building myself a castle away from the nest, Now I've been seeing my life in a brand new shade, with wonder colours of gold, silver and jade,

Something, I had to do,
Something I had,
Something I had to do,
Something I had,
was no fixed address

Height of Love

Written By: M. Williams

Murder and longstock sugarcane, through a fall of politicans and hit or miss hurricanes, I saw houses burn through the rivers eyes in a high society of heroin duced suicides,
Strangers and soon to be friends, Hideout down the street from an opium den,
shotguns and sixty mill pills, Bourbun brides, beads and thrills,
Stillness in the quarters moon light, decisions to make to change our lives, I've got music in my left I believe in and the devil on my right leading me to sin,
I've got phone calls to and from the coast and a message on the kitchen table signed your ever loving ghost, saying don't be afraid don't be scared because it won't be long, still you better beware or better yet be gone,

The height of love is treacherous, from what my eyes have seen I'll rest my case on this, the height of love is treacherous, from where I stand I must confess,


"WILLIAMS"...4 song EP. Released 1998. Recorded in Toronto Ont. at The Hive Studios. Produced by Michael Williams, coproduced by Oli Johnson.
Tracks; Shade/ LTD/ Outta State/ Sad Eyes

"LOCAL 738"..6 song EP. Released 2002. Recorded in Orono Ont. at The Armoury. Produced by Michael Williams.
Tracks;No FA/ Lights/ Reason/ Comin From/ Sense/ Carried

"DEEP IN THE NINTH"...4 song EP. Released 2003. Recorded in New Orleans Lousianna at Piety Street Studios. Produced by Marc Bingham.
Tracks; Little More/ Outta State/ If I Were 2 Stay/ Driven

Set List

Our set is a combonation of original recorded tunes, new songs, and unrecorded or unreleased originals. Depending on the venue and what other bands are on the bill, our sets vary between a 45 minute/9 song to that of an hour +. Also, when needed to, we can perform multiple sets of original tunes with the odd cover thrown in.