Deep Jackson

Deep Jackson

 Huntington, West Virginia, USA
SoloHip HopIndie

Thought provoking lyricism.


In 2009, he released "Sense Of Urgency" an 11 song album that was released on 4/20/2009 via Itunes, CdBaby, Amazon etc.,  This cd firmly planted his status as an emcee growing and learning how to master his craft.  In August 2010, he recorded, "Chin Music The 2012 Edition" and it garnered a lot of underground buzz and it was released on 1-1-11.  He and Roosevelt Films dropped a few videos via YouTube and Facebook titled "Shivers" and "Fair Warning" produced by Apollo Brown and Mathematics respectively.  He proves with this cd that he has is still mastering his craft and is a force to be reckoned with. 

Later that year he drops a 6 song EP titled, "Pretty Deep" where he connects with Pretty Lights for a majestic 30 minute masterpiece.  He proves again that his evolution is far from over.  It debuted in October 2011 and was very well received.  In 2012 he started his blog which doubles as his Tumblr page and it has become a fairly popular blog.  He doesn't just post stuff about himself.  He proves that he is politically and socially aware of the world's problems, in addition to providing fodder for his NSFW fans.  It is definitely a great site.  

In May of 2012 he released, "Middle Finger Music" a joint mixtape with his partner in rhyme Panama Jac.  The reason behind the title of Middle Finger Music, is it is widely known in our state that it resembles a middle finger.  Deep gives you a feel of the old-school with a new flavor that is energetic yet poetic.

In the summer of 2013 he began working on the follow up to his debut EP titled "Sense Of Urgency 2. It consisted of 12 tracks.  Deep shows he is in his prime and this is his opus.  His lead single, "Better Days" ft Sasha Colette debuted on Oct. 2nd 2014 and the cd was released March 24th 2015.  He is in a space now where is comfortable and it relays in the music.  His second single, "How We Livin'" got pretty good airplay on at least 5 different stations and he is currently in talks for obtaining a production and distribution deal.

This past summer of 2016 he released his 6th project, titled "It Just So Happens" and it has been met with a ton of praise.  It is a soundcloud only release because of sample clearance issues.  It consists of 10 tracks with production ranging from Russia all the way to the the states.  He has definitely found his niche when it comes to reality rap over soulful beats.  His lead single, "Lift Weights" has been a mainstay in gyms across America.  The video for "Lift Weights" will be coming soon.


Sense Of Urgency -- 2009

Chin Music -- 2011

Pretty Deep -- 2011

Middle Finger Music -- 2012

Sense Of Urgency 2 -- 2015

It Just So Happens -- 2016

Set List

How We Livin'

Lift Weights


Relaxin and Coolin

ReAssuring Em

Advantage Jackson

Sexy Conversation

Not The Type

48 Bars

You Know My Steelo 

Fair Warning

Rolling In The Deep (Remix)

Back on That BS

Better Days

Wasted Time

Seen It All 

Never Again Remix