Deep Release

Deep Release


High energy, crowd interactive rock from the 60's to today. A social event where the number one priority is for fun to be had by all.


Imagine Rush with Eddie Vedder singing. Deep Release is a high-energy party band that has been together for 15+ years, headlining such notable venues as The Stone Pony, City Gardens, Club Bene plus many others from Philadelphia to New York as well as opening for numerous national acts. There are no egos in this project that has three best friends putting a good time and good tunes in front of any other agenda.


'Damaged Goods' - 4 song demo

Set List

We can fill a night [4+ hours] with songs from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, Sublime to Tool. The majority of our tunes are your every-bar party songs like Margaritaville and Brown Eyed Girl with a few not-so-standards peppered in.