Deep Roots

Deep Roots


Deep Roots' music talks about the problems out there in the world, trying to create consciousness among the people while making good reggae roots music. On stage we give out all our energy, connecting with the crowd and maintaining the irie vibes around the place.


The band started amid the year 2006, with Chino, Alonso, Jesus, Enrique, Paul and other guys, we were called "El Nino del Atico" and we played spanish rock and reggae covers, and a few originals. As time went by some members departed but the vibes kept flowing, so in the summer of 07' the jammings started with Chino on the drums, Alonso on the guitar, Paul on the bass, Chul in the percussions, and Jesus singing. We stayed like this for a couple of months, getting ready to play live shows. The name came while practicing and reading the bible we came upon "Deep Roots." We played around Naples with that line-up for 3 months. Then, Tyler and Melinda joined forces with Deep Roots and a more complex sound was created. For personal reasons Paul had to leave and Alan came in the scene. With this line-up we started playing the steady gig "Reggae Sundays feat. Deep Roots" at South Street City Grill, where the band gained more local recognition. Looking to expand our sound we incorporated Jen Zen and Marissa on the back up vocals, and like this we kept playing, getting some live gigs and playing private events. Deep Roots influnces vary alot, we all come from diferent backgrounds and it's reflected on the music. Bands like The Wailers, Steel Pulse, Alpha Blondie, The Gladiators, Culture, Midnite, among others, are the biggest influences in the band, but also classical rock bands, jazz, and blues acts inspire us and fill our mp3 players. Our sound is unique and invigorating, trying to reach everyone out there who's up for a good time and a experience.



Written By: Jesus Martinez

Woe now Jerusalem, cant you hear Jah callin'

Woe now Jerusalem, can't you hear prophets callin'.

You see rumors of war all around, but these walls won't fall babylon you'll be burnin' down

burnin' down, you'll be burnin' down 2x

Man against man, blood fighting against blood but in this time man is gonna abuse you
until there well run dry, but we won't run dry
we'll be lifted on high
seek Jehovah Jirah

World leaders are in place, by the the most high Jah! so fret not my brethern for all these prophecies shall come to pass (x2)
nation fight down nation
it shall come to pass, in this revelation.

You betta watch out for the beast you see dem commin after you
childern of Yahweh, don't let them come mark you
you see vanity's the life which they live ,its betta to recieve the blessing Jah Jah's giving
iniquity is the life which they live
its better to recieve the blessings Jah Jah's giving.

Woe now Jerusalem, cant youhear Jah callin
Woe now Jerusalem, we dont need any weapons to win.


Live recordings @ South Street City Grill in Naples, FL (22 tracks, covers and originals)

Original studio recordings @ Ten Studios in Naples, FL:

-Babylon Burning

Set List

Deep Roots is prepared to provide three 1 hour sets. Setlists are comprised of original songs (12 originals) and covers from bands including Steel Pulse, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Israel Vibration, Maxi Priest, Damien Marley, etc. Setlists are available upon request.