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"Let's Make Love" Feat R Kelley
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Transforming the hotness of their hometown Fort Lauderdale into smoking grooves seems to be rather easy for Florida natives Deep Side. Moreover, with the upcoming (yet to be titled) release of their major label debut the multitalented/multiracial R&B quartet is more than ready to share that same heat with the rest of the world.
We've been in the studio eight days a week, twenty-five hours a day perfecting our sound, jokes Sly (Pretti Sly), who along with Rudy (Rude Boi), Brent (Penny) and Mike (Mike Ezay) has been a member of Deep Side for the past seven years. There were many folks around us who stopped believing, so we had no option but to trust ourselves. Indeed, the years of conviction can be heard in the music.
Formed when all the boys were still teenagers singing at local talent shows and performing at parties around the city, Deep Side is a kind of new jack throwback to the days when doo-wop kids harmonized on street corners and The Temptations spun in the neighborhood jukebox. Some people think because of our different backgrounds we were put together by some management team, but we've known each other for years, laughs Mike Ezay.

Deep Side makes no secret of our goal to combine the old and new together, claims Rude Boi. In addition to lacing the tracks with his honeyed voice, Rude Boi is also the team's primary producer. There hasn't been a vocal group in a long time that combines the two in the way that we do.
Discovered by their manager Jonathan Wright when Rude Boi, Mike Ezay, and Penny performed one night on stage at a high school variety show, Deep Side had the aura of superstars even then. I was just blown away by the quality of their raw talent, remembers Wright. Like something out of a movie, Wright offered them a development deal on the spot. When they introduced me to Pretti Sly (who attended a different school) the following day, I knew I had made the right choice. Not only were they talented, they were also level headed.
Named after the community where a few of them had grown-up, Deep Side spent two years in the lab honing their various performance skills including songwriting and choreography. It was like we put ourselves in boot camp, recalls Mike Ezay. In those early days it was rough, between cranking out music and dance rehearsal, but we stuck together through negative energy and hard times. Heck, our manager even sold his house so we wouldn't h ave to do without! Penny adds,After that money was gone, his friend, Dale Davis, the NBA All-Star, stepped in to help keep things moving forward.
It was during this period that Wright's long time friend and associate, Legendary Producer Tony Bongiovi, agreed to produce Deep Side. Bongiovi remarks, I recognized the talent instantly. The result was Deep Side's smash independent single Shook, a booming song that would wet the public's taste for the group. It was their first step towards making their dreams come true.
Loading-up the van full of equipment, clothes and vinyl, Deep Side's manager trekked cross-country with the group for a mini-tour that became a major adventure. Sometimes we would show-up at radio stations unannounced and perform for the jocks and program directors in the hallway, recalls Pretti Sly, who originally hails from South Africa . Our ability to perform always got us into the studio.
No stranger to having to prove themselves, whether in a radio station foyer or on a dingy stage in some random southern spot surrounded by cold-eyed gangsters, Deep Side always came out as winners. In fact, in an unusual achievement for an indie group, television producer Don Cornelius invited Deep Side to be guests on Soul Train . Without a doubt, that was one of the highlights of our trip, says Rude Boi. It's one thing to be home watching the show on television, and quite another to be performing in front of those cameras. For Deep Side, it was a real victory.
In addition to the rhythmic high of performing Shook for a national audience, the Deep Side boys also had the pleasure of opening for various high profile artists including Destiny's Child , Ashanti , Ying Yang Twins and various others. Yet, it was one special performance that would take Deep Side from contenders to winners. Yeah, that would be the night we performed for R. Kelly's birthday party, Pretti Sly says. We had no idea that a few months later we would be label-mates.
Blown away by their dynamite skills, R. Kelly got on the horn to his windy city friend and Jive Records A&R Vice President Wayne Williams. The following month, sitting in a room with nine other folks, Wayne got a taste of Kelly's bliss. It didn't matter that there were only ten people in the room, because we performed like we were at Radio City Music Hall , Penny says. That was in a February and by the next month we were signing our contracts.
Well aware that this was only the beginning, the boys retreated to the studio to begin work on the hypnotic tracks for their debut album . Though Wayne Wil