DSV is a melodic rock band best known for the huge sound they generate from the stage and their emotion filled shows. Positive lyrics offering a message of hope and passionate sing-a-long choruses make it easy to believe that DSV has greater things on the horizon.


Deep Sleep Vision (aka DSV), consists of three members. Seth Yates (guitar/vocals), Seth Roybal (bass/vocals), and Asael Garcia (drums/vocals). The band was formed when Yates moved to Colorado after completing a year of missionary work with Youth With A Mission. Yates met Garcia who had already made a name for himself as the best drummer in the area. (It's worth noting that Garcia was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College Of Music) Roybal was the final addition and the band began to practice everyday. DSV generates a U2-Coldplay-Radiohead-Smashing Pumpkins vibe in concert and has often been confused for a four-five piece group due to the huge sound they achieve live and in the studio. Anyone experiencing the band live will know that this group is on their way to greater things.


The Sky Is Falling

Written By: DSV

Where did you go?
I thought we had much more time than this
And now, the sky is falling...the sky is falling

And you....where are you, dear?

There's so much more
We should've had, the lights are getting low
And now the sky is falling...the sky is falling

Will you still love me?

Where will you run?
The sun keeps setting
Just know I died for you

Don't Leave

Written By: DSV

Its late...
A late night morning
I am almost dreaming
I'm so close to dreaming
Of you
I love that its you
I am almost dreaming
I'm so close to dreaming

And oh...where else would I go?
Just don't leave!
Don't leave me alone
Never let go!
And don't leave!
Don't leave!

I love your eyes
I love your eyes
Looking into heaven
I'm so close to heaven
And you're mine
An angel is mine
Looking into heaven
I'm so close to heaven...


Written By: DSV

Dreams that we hold for so long
You'd give all you have for truth
And all that I know
Its under control
God has been there all along

It's Your Love
It's Your Love
You've got me now

All that we feared
We let go
Searched the whole world for truth
Now heaven above
Burns in my heart
God has been there all along


Late Night Morning EP- available at deepsleepvision.com


Set List

DSV's normal set is an hour(10-12 songs)