Deepwater Soul Society
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Deepwater Soul Society

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF
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"Deepwater Soul Society"

The story of how Josh Brewer assembled his band is classic Charleston. He and lead guitarist Sean Money were playing a duo gig at the Kickin' Chicken a couple years ago, performing Brewer's original songs. Drummer Daniel Wilson sat in the audience, digging the funky acoustic stylings. Wilson approached the pair with a bold offer: "I can revolutionize your music."

Soon thereafter, the new trio was back at the Chicken, with Brewer hammering the low notes on his acoustic guitar to fill the sound. Bassist Rob Perrill heard them and offered his skills. Deepwater Soul Society was born.

Brewer's songs still lie at the group's core, but co-writing and collaboration have fleshed out the singer/songwriter tunes into beasts of their own, with tight structures and epic crescendos. Together for just a year, they're already regulars at the Pour House, Triangle Char & Bar, and, of course, the Kickin' Chicken.

"We're reading each other and finding the chemistry surprisingly well," says Brewer. "We've got to have structure. We never cross over to being a jam band, but I think we appeal to a lot of people that like jam music, as well as to those not into that scene."

With his deep growl and powerfully sustained vocals, Brewer and company's sound is reminiscent of early Dave Matthews Band; it's the sort of music you'd expect to spread quickly around college campuses. Deepwater recently began recording their debut album at Wilson's home studio in West Ashley, and they've got several live recordings in circulation at their shows.

"You have to relearn things as you get older, and you really have to ask all these questions again," says Brewer, explaining that he refrains from getting too personal with his lyrics, instead seeking to pull from the questions and lessons we all learn growing out of our childhood mold. "Everybody's feeling those things, and it's important to address. But then on the other side of music, it's a chance to let loose. As you grow up, you release energy, and music allows you to express yourself in a different way." - Charleston City Paper


Deepwater Soul Society - Jumping From Highrises -



Deepwater Soul Society’s musical style is as diverse as the band members themselves, giving the group their unique sound: smooth, powerful, soulfully dark, and blissfully energetic. This Charleston rock power trio displays a wide range of tones and tunes in their portfolio, creating there own genre of progressive rock. The pensive lyrics, colorful melodies and rhythms create a seamless mesh where grassroots meets new-wave rock and acoustic meets electric.

Deepwater Soul Society consists of singer/bassist Josh Brewer, lead guitarist Sean Money, and drummer Daniel Wilson. Deepwater Soul Society has created a dark and sultry, yet energized and up-beat texture that moves the body and the soul. Their poetic lyrics and captivating arrangements take the listener between musical genres and into a labyrinth of melodic reverberation.

When asked what kind of sound Deepwater Soul Society has, the band more often than not lacks a proper answer. Sean Money, guitarist and co-songwriter once said, "We sound like your favorite band." Perhaps a bit assuming even arrogant, but well…confident.

Deepwater's debut release, Jumping from Highrises, was written, engineered and produced by the band itself, under the leadership of drummer and producer Daniel Wilson. "Producing our own first record was important because we made a lot of positive mistakes", Wilson said. There is no doubt that the production and completion of Jumping from Highrises was exactly what the band needed to catapult their next wave of creative inspirations. These “positive mistakes” are at the independent heart of the intensely creative DIY ethos that burns at the core Deepwater’s philosophy. They are unafraid of making mistakes, delving into new creative territories, pushing their music to new heights and themselves to new possibilities.

Already, the members of Deepwater are hard at work (and play) writing and composing the next long list of song candidates for their sophomore album. Pulling from the vintage Deepwater catalog, combined with writing of new and fresh tunes is undoubtedly manifesting into a new sound that still embodies what this band does, both live and in the studio. "Holding onto your roots while forging forward into new territory is really important for us as writers and performers.", says Brewer, vocalist, guitarist and co-writer. "We need to keep our heads on straight, while losing them at the same time.".