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Deeq Sheikhali

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Deeq Sheikhali"

Deeq Sheikhali and Mickey Factz team on "Welcome To The Intro".
Mickey Factz appeared on the XXL Freshman cover in '09, but rather than blowing up after the fact, he kept a low profile while continuing to release mixtapes independently. Today, he shows up as a co-sign on the new record from Deeq Sheikhali, who's getting ready to release his debut mixtape. "Welcome To The Intro" is most likely set to be the first track on the project, and it already sounds like an assured statement from an artist confident in his voice. It's got a Graduation-era Kanye feel to it, which is hard to pull off, but when it's done well as it is here, we're listening. - HotNewHipHop

"Deeq Sheikhali : #ThirdEyeTribe"

Where are you from?

“Originally from Somaliland (Somaliland is the northern part of Somalia that divided during its ongoing civil war). However, I was raised in Minneapolis for the first 13 years of my life and then I moved to Austin when I was turning 14. I still hold it down for Minneapolis, no doubt, but Austin is my home now.” – Deeq Sheikhali

When did you start rapping and when did you realize you wanted to pursue rapping professionally?

“I’ve been rapping ever since J. Cole dropped the Warm up, so around late 2009. A year later, Cole dropped “Friday Night Lights” and on the track ‘Too Deep for the Intro’ he said “If they don’t know your dreams, then they cant shoot ‘em down.” At the time I was junior in high school and I was releasing videos of myself freestyling over beats and some of the kids from school would hate; so when I first heard those words you can only imagine how close it hit home. I told myself I wouldn’t release any music until I knew, not only am I better than my peers but, I’m the one to carry the torch for my city.” -Deeq Sheikhali

What would you like to see change in your life because of this career?

“I don’t want to sound cliche but, a financial change would mean the world. Not so I can stunt, but to help out my war-torn country of Somaliland. My plan is to build hospitals and schools for my people so those who are over there can get the same opportunity I had growing up.” – Deeq Sheikhali

What personal accomplishments and goals have you already fulfilled because of your rapping career?

“Last March I went to New York City for my first music-related trip outside of Texas. I had a photo shoot with this very talented photographer named Andy Santiago. My team and I ended up doing the shoot and did a little networking while we were there.

“I never thought I’d get a big feature so early into my rap career. For my mixtape that is dropping on February 21st I was able to get a Mickey Factz feature for my Intro. For those who might not be too familiar with his work, he was a XXL freshman class of ‘09 alongside some of the best artists that are out today. Also, he just dropped a gem of a tape labeled, “Love.Lost.Lust 2” ,which features John Legend and production from Flying Lotus, Iman Omari and more. Go get that, it’s refreshing. Free promo for the homie!

“One of the biggest goals that I already accomplished, was to get a song of mine played on the radio. Literally just the other day I got word that I would be thrown in the mix on 88.7 KaziFM here in Austin, Texas.” -Deeq Sheikhali

What makes you and your music stand out among other artists?

“From what fans or peers tell me, it’s my style of beats that I choose to work over. I like that alternative sound because it easily stands out from the majority of Austin, if not Texas. I also feel that the positive message I have in my lyrics is a stand out trait that I have that others from my city seem to lack. Austin has a lot of sounds but for rap, it seems that Trap is the way to go. Not saying that’s a bad thing or anything, I just feel like we need to produce artists who are not really trap oriented but who relate to the people.” -Deeq Sheikhali

What’s your favorite subjects to discuss during your songs?

“Government surprisingly. Luckily for me, conscious rap is really becoming more of a popular wave with guys like Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, and The Underachievers leading the way. Everyone loves a good secret right? Well I feel that our government has plenty of them. Tupac once said in an interview (and im just paraphrasing here) ‘that rappers are just reporters from our end of the mic’ and sadly not that many people are informing the general public with what’s going on beneath our “free” feet. It’s a very touchy subject, and it’s not meant for all ears. However for those who are questioning or just opening up to government conspiracy’s I’d recommend reading “1984” Written by George Orwell. Very interesting read, but if you’d rather listen to music talking about all of this I’d take a crack at “Control System” by Ab-Soul and listen from start to end.” -Deeq Sheikhali

Who supports you the most?

“My father, ironically. I say this because, I’m Somalian and coming from a Somalian family especially the ones fortunate enough to escape the war in Somalia, becoming a musician; a rapper of all things is frowned upon. It’s either you become a medical doctor or a lawyer. My pops made so many sacrifices just so I can make this dream come true, and all he asks is that I stay humble and be the best that I can be.” -Deeq Sheikhali

Have you performed live before?

I had my own headliner at this bar in Austin Called ‘Spinners’ late last year. That was my first headlining show and I chose to perform all brand new songs. Songs I literally completed the night before and on the day of. It paid off because the crowd was really getting in tune the music. I also had the honor to perform at the East Austin Studio Tour on both spotlight showcases on back-to-back days.

How do you feel about the opportunity to perform at South by Southwest?

“Just being able to have the opportunity to perform at SXSW, in front of a home crowd,is humbling. If given the opportunity, better believe I’m going to make the most of it.” -Deeq Sheikhali

Have you been to SXSW before? If so, can you describe your experience?

This will be my 4th year attending SXSW. It will also be my first time attending SXSW being 21, which means I can finally get into bigger shows. It’s an amazing experience, my first year attending was with my cousin Moe, he came all the way from New York just to see what its all about. We ended up sneaking into a J.Cole show and meeting him afterwards.

“Last year I met Jay Electronica at the Driskil hotel off 6th street. Mr. Electronica and I were talking for 15 minutes straight about the rap game and how he played it. He was nice enough to hear me out and he eventually gave me his number so that I could send him my debut project. Long story short, if you’re a musician and you want to be heard, SXSW is the best place to network, you’ll never know who you bump into.” – Deeq Sheikhali

Deeq Sheikhali new project is set to drop on the 21st of February and you can listen to his music by subscribing to his sound cloud, SheikhaliMusic. You can also follow Sheikhali on perferred social media such as, Instagram: sheikhali_music and Twitter: @SheikhaliMusic! Thank you for reading another Plutocrats Club interview, and stay tuned for more and continue to support Deeq Sheikhali and The Third Eye Tribe! - The Plutocrats Club

"Nothing Like It"

Tired of being slept on - HotNewHipHop

"Phone Interview"

On the phone with Kirsten Deion - Dallas Dish Uncut





   My name is Deeq Sheikhali (Deck) i've been making music for about 8 years but been serious about it for the past two years. All my life i've been beating odds that hasn't been favoring my way.  When i was 17 I had a very bad case of pneumonia and the doctors were telling my family to basically expect the worst. I overcame that. I was cut from my High School and College soccer teams my freshman year, and both times i made it right to the starting 11 by my Sophmore year. The word no gives me alot of motivation to show the world that i can actually do what people say I cant.
    Throughout my high school years i was teased by students for my dreams and teachers would tell me that this whole music dream is a joke and i would never succeed. So not only am i out to prove them wrong but to show people that with a positive mindset and a dream you can achieve anything. I've been in the Austin rap scene for about 4 months now and i've already surpassed many of my peers in 4 months then their whole career. I have a Mickey Factz (XXL Freshman, Class of '09 along side Wale, B.O.B. Curren$y, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi and more) feature for my intro to my debut project and most people from my city can't even say they have a respectable feature on any of their songs.  

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