Just think about how you feel, right this second; Happy, Sad, Missing someone, Hopeful, or simply enjoying the day.
I take real life and add music.
My songs, like each of us, simply explain what is really going on in my day. We all relate with each other - I relate with everyone.


Twenty year old Kevin Merrill, the singer/songwriter who plays under the moniker Deerbourne, may be young, but he has already achieved more than peers double his age. With two e.p.s under his belt, a song on a prominent compilation, and as his debut full length album, “Well Into the Early Morning”, due out in the spring, it's hard to believe Merrill is still as young as he is.
If his album releases, recent success and 300 plus shows don't make him seem older than his age, his mature songwriting and road weary voice certainly will. Merrill's sense of melody and mood setting invoke a far more mature folk-soul singer.
Following the release of “Well Into the Early Morning”, Deerbourne plans extensive east coast and mid-west touring and in store performances.
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Way Into The Early Morning - 2011