Deereco Rd

Deereco Rd


We are a mostly acoustic rock band with hints of many different roots and styles from Heavy Metal to pop. From Classic Rock to emo. We do not like to limit our selves to one genra. We have very soft acoustic songs to faster and heavier acoustic songs.


We have all come from different places. Pat Everett and I (Mark Mikina) have been jamming together for about 5 years and we have gone through many different styles of music. We started jamming on rock and we moved on to metal. We both new we loved other kinds of music and i showed Pat one of my songs one day and we jammed on one of my songs with a couple of different people and came across joe merrey and dan Reidy and we have been playing acoustic stuff ever since then. We still have our metal moments and our pop rock moments but it all goes back to that classic Deereco Rd sound of smooth guitars and vocals and pounding drums and bass.


We have released our demo and are currently recording our full length cd in Four Hourseshoes studios.

Set List

We usually play for about 45 minutes

Through Struggle Pt. 1
Through Struggle Pt. 2
I Was Wrong
Say You Love Me
The Game
There's Got To Be More

We typically do those songs ocasionally replacing one here and there. We usually start of with through struggle becasue crowds like the beat that it has.