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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Thrill Of The Hunt"

Over the course of Deer Hunter's self-titled debut (Stickfigure Records), the group skulks into a tight and rhythmically confined dirge that is as vast as it is constrictive. A steady and conceptual blast of tension unfolds by way of sparse beats, scathing guitar and basslines. Add to this an obscured vocal presence that grinds into each song. Never stepping outside of its strict, overriding metrical course, giving rise to sonic antagonism and miasma, the recording references deathly post-punk and no-wave as much as it does industrially strengthened minimalism. But to slap the music with a nametag overlooks an integral part of its personality. "My ideas about what is interesting music change multiple times a day," says vocalist Bradford Cox. "Our music is more of a natural extension of who we are as individuals, and is made to appeal to individuals, not a group, which is the antithesis of what most popular music is about."

For Cox, along with bassist Josh Fauver (Electrosleep Int'l), guitarist Colin Mee, drummer Moses Archuleta and recently inducted second percussionist Adam Bruneau (Phonepunk/Tabitha), embracing a sense of individuality is a deeply rooted mechanism that fuels the group's push toward self-discovery via artsy and primitive rock.

From the scraping guitar fragments that open "Other Animals" to the all-consuming aural throb of "Adorno" and "Death Drag," Deer Hunter's anti-social characteristics remain at the heart of its drive. - Creative Loafing

"Deerhunter/Alphabets Split"

Deerhunter are a newish post punky / dancey band that are not at all boring or contrived like most. More lo-fi and on the punk tip, and way more eneergetic and sincere. Really good shit. - Troubleman Unlimited


Deerhunter - s/t LP/CD (Stickfigure Records)
Deehunter/Alphabets - Adorno b/w Tree Spies split 7" (Die-Slaughterhaus Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


We've been together for 2 and a half years. We've just finished up an east coast tour where we recorded at Rare Book Room for our upcoming EP, which is still getting finished. We've played shows with The Fall, Nikki Sudden, The Gossip, Growing, Oneida, Wives, Ex-Models, Deerhoof, Numbers, Young People, Noxagt, Need New Body, TV On The Radio, Gang Gang Dance, Glass Candy, Lightning Bolt, Bardo Pond, Fursaxa, The Chinese Stars, Daughters, Chromatics, A.R.E Weapons, etc.