Deer Ray

Deer Ray


The name Deer Ray refers to Murray's father. Each song a separate letter written to him that will never be read.

The songs take moments from Murray's life, creating beauty and optimism from heartache.

Deer Ray is for the nostalgic...


Deer Ray is an Ambient/Folk/Indietronica band founded in 2010 by English singer-songwriter Murray Hughes.
Murray wrote and recorded the bulk of the material in a small studio in his Brighton flat (helped along with a glass of wine).

'...Delicate guitars, haunting vocals and ethereal harmonies. Achingly uplifting...'

Deer Ray has been performing for the last year at different shows around the country as well as several ASCAP shows. They are set to release their first single alongside their new music video 'Grounded'.


Chertsey - Played on Southern Radio
Annie - Played on BBC
Grounded - Played on BBC

Set List

Little Foxes
Need is Need // Like is Like
Miss December
Pretty Sleeps
Little Foxes