(---David Nicoll vs Deetrixxx---) The innovation of a new brand, "Club Rock". Definiton: Urban Pop/Rock meets electro sounds and effects twisted and mixed with supreme precision. Ready and served on the hottest plate of straight room shakin base and beats reminiscent of European,Dance and House.


The lead singer of Deetrixxx is a multiplatinum songwriter, a Grammy Nominee and a Billboard music award winner. He has toured all over the world as far as South Africa and Russia. While touring Germany he met a multiplatinum producer who has had several top 5 singles on the dance charts of Europe. The idea was to combine the 2 styles and create a hard pounding Electro house base and add the pop/rock over the top which is hot in America. The songs are cool, danceable, electric, catchy and sexy.So is the performance.


We have had 4 singles released in Europe.
1. "Feel The Fever" released under the name Club 7
Ministry of Sound Records
2. "Frequencies Too Demanding" White Label. So
good people think its an Eric Pryds release.
3. "Rock N Roll Chick" white label
4. "Feel The Magic" Kingdom Kome Records
5. "Naughty Night" will be released summer of 2009
on Alex Acostas ,Grooveman Records.

Set List

1.Hollywoood Roll Playin
2.Rock N Roll Chick
4.Dont F__ With My Lady
5.Someone So Real
6.Face Your Fears
8.Red Light
9.Feel The Fever
10. Naughty Night

We can play 30 to 45 minutes with or without covers