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Deevie Real is a hip hop recording artist, self taught producer, and mixing engineer from Youngstown, OH. Rapping since the age of 5 and producing since 10, he is now on his journey to become the greatest to ever do it. Recently releasing his mixtape REAL (Remember Everybody Ain't Loyal), he is now working with his own group of elite rappers and producers, (Mak Squad) on "Novus Metanoia", the first fully original release from the group. The thing that attracts people to Deevie Real, is his amazing delivery, hard hitting punchlines, clever song concepts, and the truth behind it all while having a different vibe and approach to his music.

Raised in Youngstown, being one of the smallest and most dangerous cities in Ohio, is when Deevie Real began his process. At a young age, him and his brothers would beat on tables and freestyle over cassette tapes which later evolved to sound recorder which is the beginning of the artist we see today. Realizing early his passion for hip hop, he started a group called "3D" who are all part of Mak Squad now. Surrounded by violence, he stayed in trouble, fights, suspension, being kicked out of school seemed to be his strong suit. This drove his parents wild for the simple fact that every year he was one of top students at whatever school he attended. Thus, after 5th grade his Mother decided to send the rapper to live with his father in Reynoldsburg, OH.

Once in a new city, he began to grow more as an individual, still rapping of course, but more focused on school. Later that school year, leaving all his friends for a new school, Yorktown, in Columbus. Yorktown re-awakened the rebellion in the rapper, and is also where the notorious MAKz were formed. His best friend from youngstown, (DC da Menace) started attending the school and that's when the music officially made its home in Real's life. MAK, which seemed like a gang at the time, Orange being the official colors, was very known throughout the school. "Orange even was banned from our dress code" says the artist. "That didn't stop us though. We told the school we were just rappers, they preferred to label us as gang bangers which we were well past."
Even his father didn't understand, taking his orange bandana multiple times but that didn't stop him. "How could you call us a gang, were a group of unique individuals with a calling. Just look at what MAK stands for, Music Ambition Knowledge. That doesn't sound like a gang to me." "Now the MAKz or Mak Squad, which has a few new members, are the best in any cypher, studio etc. as far as I'm concerned."

Deevie's problems didn't stop there though. Luckily he had help. Part of his school problems was his instant temper and urge to fight. Of course, being a normal trait for Youngstown natives. He never stopped getting in trouble, and was expelled from yorktown in 8th grade, then Eastmoor Academy, in the first grading period his freshman year.
He managed to pass 9th grade, then moved to Farrell, PA that summer, where most of his cousins, and both of his parents are from. Not having any studio equipment to record or make beats, the artist used it as an opportunity to upgrade his lyrics.
From freestyle battles to cyphers his name was always brought up for rapping. "I never was the greatest Hooper, or fastest runner, or even best dressed. But you could never deny me rap. Even if I met somebody who seemed better, it took nothing but a pen and a paper to get better, and I did." Being expelled from school again and almost locked up, Deevie Real focused on his lyrics for the rest of the year, doing his school work from home to stay ahead and moved to Las Vegas with his Mother after sophomore year.

This is where life really changed for him. He got to see life outside the streets, but also a new, and still dangerous world. There were gangs throughout the city, sets cliques, whatever you want to call it they were there. "People rarely gang bang where I'm from, I mean we had our groups and cliques, but its more of an unconcentrated violence. It's really quite random." Sensing being out of his nature, he decided to catch up to his life and perfect his music skills. Losing many friends on the way, selling drugs, and other illegal activities brought a sense of confinement to his life. "I was searching for myself. I didn't understand Vegas people at all, and couldnt stand most of them. I needed to be around people like me, but there were none." This is when the artist began to go in depth. "I needed to point out to people the mysteries of life that I was unaware of." Still getting honor roll grades and struggling to stay in school, he decided his intellect was meant for another purpose. Music. "I focus on making music that you feel, not cause it sounds nice or the beats hot, but because of those and that you feel it spiritually. I want even my club songs to have relativity to life, music should always have meaning." While school hopping in Vegas, he established himself as the best "