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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Deeyana Interviewed"

The British music scene hasn't been all that for a while now but some one coming along to change all all that is London based Deeyana. This lady is not only beautifully stunning but also is a wicked singer, great songwriter and plays a mean saxophone. Deeyana is like a breath of fresh air and that's why I had to feature her in Street Voice. Here's what she has to say for herself.

Street Voice: First off can you introduce Deeyana to the world please?

I’m a singer, saxophonist and a songwriter.

Street Voice: So what inspired you to start singing and learning the saxaphone?

My father. He is a musician as well and I saw him perform when I was 4. He was singing and playing the guitar. There was an incredible energy coming from the band. At that moment I knew I found my calling in life.

Street Voice: Out the two what do you prefer to do sing or play your saxophone?

I can’t choose, because they are two very different things to me. Singing can convey a message and my voice is something that’s uniquely mine. I see it as something very personal. Saxophone, on the other hand, is pure emotion and adrenaline without the need for words. It’s like two different personalities but they are inseparable.

Street Voice: Your family are obviously very supportive so has this helped you a lot as an artist?

I wouldn’t say that being from a music family helped that much, in fact it was probably more difficult for me.

At first, my mum wasn’t too happy about my decision because being a musician is not a secure job. But over the years she realised I’m not going to change and she accepted it and became really supportive.

My dad, a musician himself, wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. It takes a lot of practice, rejection and sacrifice to be in the music biz, so he said I had to be really good. When I was 7 years old, I embarked on a mission to become as good a musician as I can be. Over the years it became a competition against myself.

Street Voice: How do you feel about vocal comparisons with the likes of Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Evanescence?

I feel pretty good actually. I’m honoured that people feel I come even close to such amazing artists.

Street Voice: You've recently released your EP 'Keep Pushing On' to rave reviews so when is the album going to be released?

We haven’t set a date yet, because there have been changes in the album direction. I’m now working with some new producers which might take me back to America again. But I’d say early 2010.

Street Voice: The EP release was quite diverse which showed you as a class vocalist and a class saxophonist so was that the plan to show all your qualities or did it just happen by chance?

I consciously decided to have a saxophone instrumental on the EP, so that people understand I’m a real musician. “Goddess Nyx” was written, performed, arranged and produced by me. And the sax parts were done in 10 minutes. I wanted to say: “This is what I’m about, this is what I sound like when I’m adlibbing and just enjoying myself”.

Street Voice: So what inspires you to write the songs that you do?

Sometimes I write about things that I’ve been through, people I loved or those I lost, other times it’s a philosophical issue or a metaphysical question that I’m thinking about.

Street Voice: Coming from Belgrade and spending your teenage years going through the pain and heartache of losing close friends and relatives to a war which engulfed Serbia I presume you have no time for war or violence in any shape or form?

You’re right. I’m a convinced pacifist. Even before the war I hated conflict. The use of weapons and killing other people is wrong. No matter how you try to justify it.

Street Voice: Your photos are very hot so would have modelling been an option if you were taller?

Is that a compliment or an insult? LOL. Even if I was 6 feet tall and looked like Heidi Klum, I’d still be a musician. Having said that, being a musician involves quite a lot of modelling and photo shoots. But to give you a definite answer: no I wouldn’t have chosen modelling have I been taller.

Street Voice: By the way when are we going on a date?

When I win my first Grammy haha!

Street Voice: I'd better kick start a campaign then!!

Street Voice: As well as writing your own material you also play saxophone for some club which has taken you all over the world so can you tell our readers about that please?

It’s dance label Hed Kandi, a part of Ministry of Sound. I’m one of their live musicians. Their parties are really fun, we often have a percussionist and dancers. Coupled up with pyrotechnics it’s always an amazing show. Hed Kandi gigs have taken me all over the world – some of the countries I’ve been to, I would have never guessed that they even knew what house music is.

Street Voice: So what is your idea of a dream night out?

Are you preparing for that date you mentioned earlier on?

Street Voice: I'm too cool for - Street Voice Magazine

"Single Review - Keep Pushing On"

Deeyana will, I suppose, be likened to the great Mariah Carey simply because of her R&B roots and her fantastic vocal range. However, 'Keep Pushing On' suggests that Deeyana is much more than just soulful pop diva; Deeyana not only writes her own songs, she's also a very competent multi-instrumentalist specialising in saxophone - what a dream, what a talent!

'Keep Pushing On' is blessed with all the 'normal' pre-requisites associated with the modern R&B form; it's catchy, bright, airy and extremely well crafted. Deeyana oozes vocal confidence and maturity and shows she's got what it takes to be at the top of her game. Brilliant for the dance floor as well as for the more intimate moments, 'Keep Pushing On' packs a wonderfully sensitive punch. Punctuated by a percussive backdrop born out of hand-claps and with a sensitively subdued 'orchestral' backdrop and the inclusion of some very tasty Deeyana saxophone, 'Keep Pushing On' is remarkably ezy on the ear, stunningly commercial and, for me, right 'on the money'. Deeyana has a wonderfully sexy vocal intonation and she delivers this song with massive professionalism. 'Keep Pushing On' by Deeyana is everything it needs to be and everything you'd want it to be! Fanbloodytastic!!

And wow, 'Keep Pushing On' is supported by 'Goddess Nyx' a wonderfully rich sounding saxophone instrumental very much in the David Sanborn sound and style; sexy, vibrant, jazzy yet soulful - a crackin' 'B' side that demonstrates Deeyana's all-round musical prowess - hey, this girl's bloody good!

'Keep Pushing On' by Deeyana sounds like a real winner to me - radio 'jocks' should absolutely love it and their support will play a big part in the future of Deeyana and her beautifully sensitive and mature music. It aint difficult to see the potential here and I can see nothing but massive success coming Deeyana's way! 'Keep Pushing On' by Deeyana, in any musical scenario, in any place in the world, is the bee's knees - exceptional stuff from someone who is clearly destined for massive things. - Toxic Pete

"A Good Evening of SAX is What Everyone Needs. Interview With Deeyana Who Will Blow You a Way"

Entertainment World: Who is Deeyana and where are you from?
Deeyana: I’m a singer, saxophonist and songwriter from London, UK.

Entertainment World: What made you pick the Sax as your instrument of choice?
Deeyana: Sax has always been my favourite instrument. I was classically trained as a flutist and when I was 13 I realized that playing the flute was very similar to playing the sax. I’ve been playing both ever since, but sax has taken the main stage.

Entertainment World: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Deeyana: I get inspired by many things. Sometimes it’s a conversation I’m having with someone that sparks an idea for a song. Other times I reflect back on my own experiences and write about my feelings. My music always comes from a very deep, personal place for me.

Entertainment World: Have you experienced any obstacles in establishing yourself as a band? (Promotions, hard to book venues, lack of fans, etc)
Deeyana: For most independent artists there’s always the problem of getting your foot in the door. Initially it’s quite hard to get high profile reviews or radio play. Regardless of the song quality, the press still want to see radio plays, and radios wanna see press coverage. It’s a chicken and egg situation.

Entertainment World: If there is anything about the music industry you would change what would it be and why?
Deeyana: I would like to see the music industry give the artists a little more creative control. This would make the music scene more vibrant and interesting.

Entertainment World: What's your number one reason for making music?
Deeyana: Music is the way I express myself, it's the driving force behind everything I do. At the age of 5 I realized that music is what I was meant to do.

Entertainment World: What can we expect to see from ya’ll in the near future?
Deeyana: World domination? Haha. My new single “Keep Pushing On” is being released on 30 March. It was produced by Vada Nobles, who is best known for “Pon De Replay” by Rihanna.

“Keep Pushing On” is the first single from my album which will be released later this year. I’m also planning a small tour in the UK.

Entertainment World: what are three words that describe you as an individual?
Deeyana: Friendly, philosophical, geek

Entertainment World: You have shows date in Dubai how is to play there with all the restrictions?
Deeyana: It’s actually much more relaxed then you imagine. The clubs are built inside the hotels and many of the so-called rules do not seem to apply. I was quite surprised at how much “partying” was going on. The atmosphere was quite similar to any other club in the world.

EW Hot Seat
Entertainment World: Favorite movie? 50 First Dates

Entertainment World: Favorite actor or actress? Rob Schneider

Entertainment World: CD you cant live without? Stevie Wonder “Innervisions”

Entertainment World: Best video game platform? Xbox 360 – without a doubt

Entertainment World: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter? All three, but if I had to choose one – Myspace.

Entertainment World: Ipod or actual CD? What are CDs?

Entertainment World: Favorite types of TV show (sitcom, drama, reality, home make over, etc)? Sci-fi

Entertainment World: Celebrity you'd like to be caught in tabloids with? Kate Moss

Entertainment World: Location of biggest portion of your fans? Great Britain - Entertainment World

"Keep Pushing On Review"

KEEP PUSHING ON single to be released on March 30th 2009 on Blahtech Records. Available to download from iTunes and all major download sites.

Born in the Mediterranean in Yugoslavia she has been training in music since the early age of 5. A singer, songwriter, and saxophonist! Think Mariah Carey with influence of Evanscense.

The singles KEEP PUSHING ON is from her coming album LIVING THE DREAM.

I always put my heart and soul into my music. I'm involved in every aspect of it's creation. - Deeyana

deeyana is positive and soulful with a Techno edge. - Quaint Magazine - Quaint Magazine

"Deeyana "Keep Pushing On""

DEEYANA is a British singer, songwriter and a saxophonist. She was born in the Mediterranean and was brought up in London and Belgrade, Yugoslavia. DEEYANA's family was very musical and she began her music training at the age of 5, following in her father's footsteps. She is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer with over 4 octaves range, which has drawn comparisons to Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Evanescence. She started her professional music career at the age of 15 and in a short period of time generated substantial interest from press and record labels. By the age of 17 she was performing with successful bands as a singer and saxophonist. To date she has performed at over 600 gigs and concerts. Deeyana is a noted session musician, often seen playing the sax at official HED KANDI nights in clubs all over the world.

Her teenage years were spent in Belgrade, Serbia, a country torn apart by a decade long conflict. Like many, she lost close friends and relatives in the wars. These experiences are sometimes reflected in her philosophical lyrics. DEEYANA is currenly based in London. She recently visited Florida to write and record several new songs with Vada Nobles, an American A-list producer.Vada is responsible for many hits with some of the world's biggest recording artists,including Rihanna, Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill. I always put my heart and soul into my music. I'm involved in every aspect of it's creation, explains Deeyana, "I also enjoy collaborating with other creative people." She has spent the last 2 years writing songs for her forthcoming album, including the first single which was produced by American A-list producer Vada Nobles. Vada wrote and produced Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay” which propelled Rihanna onto the mainstream music scene. Vada Nobles scene. Vada Nobles has also worked with Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin and many others.I always put my heart and soul into my music. I'm involved in every aspect of it's creation, explains DEEYANA, "I also enjoy collaborating with other creative people."

Visit artist website at

- Entertainers RD

"Deeyana "Keep Pushing On""

"Keep Pushing On" by Deeyana, the pretty girl with real strong vocals. Although the release is commercial dance music I liked her voice, interesting to hear what else she has going on. The track had me nodding my head and kinda wanting to sing along. I know! - D101 Magazine

"Deeyana "Keep Pushing On" EP"

Deeyana is one talented lady what with successfully working as a singer, song writer and saxophonist. The proof of this lady's voice can be found on the opening track of this two track CD. 'Keep Pushing On' is a catchy Pop / R n B song which captures the best of Deeyana's voice which reminded me so much of Mariah Carey. The second track 'Goddess Nyx' is an instrumental that shows this young lady's talent on saxophone. The song has that Jazz / Club feel to it and shows a completely different side to Deeyanas talent. On the basis of what I've heard you should track this CD down or wait it for her forthcoming album 'Living The Dream'. 9/10

- Street Voice, myspace blogs

"Next UK Mega Star?"

Several years ago, I started an Internet music promotion page on My space. The idea was to feature underground artists in the R&B and Rap genres. Each month, a different artist was featured. Every once in awhile, I'd stumble on a really true talent, such was the case with Deeyana.

She requested my page for friendship, and after I accepted, I went to her page to check out the music, I immediately asked if she would like to be featured for May and she agreed.

Deeyana's song "Keep Pushing On" is a guaranteed hit in this music lovers eyes, and I only hope our English brothers and sisters recognize it. It's not very hard to compare her to Mariah Carey, her promo picture and the ridiculous octave range are very similar, but I feel more at ease with Deeyana's voice, a sultry, yet soothing feel to it. This carries over in Deeyana's saxophone play, the other song she shares on her "Keep Pushing On" EP, is an instrumental called, "Goddess Nyx" There couldn't have been a better title for that song, it makes me want to curl up in front of a fire and sleep with it playing through my dreams, like the almighty Nyx, Greek Goddess of night, is chanting to me while her son, Hypnos puts me to sleep.

The songs on her page are all fairly soft and slow, (and most are just snippets that I can't wait to hear the rest of, especially the one called, "Permanent Mark") so imagine my surprise when I searched U Tube and found a video of hers called, "Come Closer" which is a club beat song, and full of scantily dressed clubbers! Hottest of the people in the video is Deeyana herself, I've never seen a saxophonist look so good!

Deeyana is working on her CD, "Living The Dream" in the meantime, you can grab the EP from links on these pages:

- Associated Content


EP "Keep Pushing On" - released March 30th 2009, available from all major digital stores. Can be heard on numerous internet radios and across UK cafes/clubs.

EP "Come Closer" - released October 2007
available from all major digital stores and

Video can be seen on FLAUNT TV

Single "The Soul", semi-finalist in UK Songwriting Contest



Deeyana is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist and saxophonist. Deeyana's family is very musical and she began her training at the age of 5, following in her father's footsteps. She is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer with 4 octaves range, which has drawn comparisons to artists such as Evanescence, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera. She started her professional music career at the age of just 15 and in a short period of time generated substantial interest from press and record labels.

Today, Deeyana is a noted session musician as well as an up-and-coming solo artist. She's appeared on TV with various artists such as Rod Stewart and Mark Moraghan. Most people also might recognise her as the glamorous Hed Kandi saxophonist. She travelled all around the world with their resident DJs playing the same high-profile venues as Lily Allen, Fedde le Grand, Paul van Dyk and many others.

She's currently working on her pop-rock solo debut album. The first single is set to be released in the spring 2011 under Uniq Records.