Calgary, Alberta, CAN
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Deezuz is a solo rapper who has developed a reputation for his energetic and entertaining live shows. He is an amazing performer who has rocked crowds of all sizes. His music is able to cross genres and has been able to attract a wide and diverse following.


Born in Vancouver, BC Brandon “Deezuz” Down moved to Calgary with his family when he was three years old. His older brother introduced him to hip-hop when he was in grade 1 and Deezuz instantly fell in love with the culture as a whole. As the years would pass, Deezuz’s knowledge and appreciation of the art form grew steadily.

However, being a fan of the culture wasn’t enough to satisfy Deezuz’s appetite for hip-hop. Deezuz soon began writing his own raps and began impromptu performances at house parties, talent shows and anywhere else that he could get an opportunity to be heard. His raps received so much positive feedback from his peers that he thought about professionally recording his music. This led Deezuz to enroll at Calgary’s prestigious studio, The Beach, where he completed audio engineering classes and spent countless hours recording artists of all genres. Being in this element not only allowed Deezuz to learn about all types of music, it also taught him how to record, arrange, and mix his own music.

Deezuz quickly realized that there were very few outlets in Calgary for him to get his music out to the public. This would lead him to form Maintain One Voice Entertainment (MOVE Inc) with longtime friend and business partner, Kiran Sthankiya.

Throughout the mid-late 2000's Deezuz released several mixtapes throughout Calgary on MOVE Inc. This would all be part of the preparation for Deezuz's first official album, "Souldenera", which was released in March 2008.

Souldenera was composed of soulful production with hard hitting drums to give a modern spin on 90's-style boom bap hiphop. The album featured appearances by Sean Price, Kool G Rap, Buckshot, Moka Only, and Joe Scudda and helped Deezuz to finally get his music heard outside Calgary. The album would chart on several college stations and help to build a following throughout Canada for Deezuz. This would lead to Western Canadian touring opportunities with Aceyalone and DL Incognito as well as a spot on the 2008 Juno showcase.

Deezuz continued to build on the success of Souldenera by releasing more music. 2008 saw the release of the Power mixtape while 2009 saw Deezuz drop the self-produced "Sound of Smoking". This was Deezuz's first self-produced project and helped to show how Deezuz was evolving not only as a rapper but as a producer as well.

Deezuz released his sophmore album "AMMMO" in March 2011. The album has been received very well and has ranked in the top 10 hiphop albums being played on college radio in Canada. (#5 as of May 3, 2011 on the Earshot college charts)

Deezuz has toured throughout Western Canada and has opened for Ice Cube, Redman, Method Man, Naughty By Nature, Kardinal Offishall, The Clipse, Aceylone, DL Incognito and others.


2011 - AMMMO (March 2011)
2009 - The Sound of Smoking mixtape
2008 - Souldenera
2007 - Power mixtape
2006 - MF Deezuz mixtape
2005 - 9th Wonderful mixtape
2004 - Mr. Big Puff

Set List

Deezuz's sets vary on the needs of each individual show and promoter but his standard set ranges from 20-30 minutes.