Deezy and the Brobots

Deezy and the Brobots


Our band has a very eclectic sound. Has been described as an 'indie' sound, but besides that you have to listen to decide for yourself!


The band met by coincidentally living in the same building. Deezy stuck a note on the door down the hall saying she wanted to be friends and the boys turned out to be the future Brobots! They all bonded quickly over playing music being alive and stuff, and after a few months formed Deezy & the Brobots. Some of our influences are Saves the Day, Ozma, Feist, Elvis Costello, Halo 3, no sleep, love, life, and general sillyness. Our band has a great chemistry that you'll love so book us!!


No discography as of yet! However, crowd favourites "Gimmie" and "Maxwell" can be found on the band myspace!

Set List

Our originals are: Gimmie, Baby's Song, What You Have, Red&Blue, See Feel, If You Stay, Maxwell, Love Song, The Way, Distracting, The Heartbreak Song, Reason, Like Me, This Time Around, and more!
Our covers so far have been 'The Way I Am' by Ingrid Michaelson, 'Jessie & My Whetstone' by Saves the Day, and soon to be 'Where is My Mind?' by the Pixies (everyone's favourite)
Sets are usually about 40 minutes and 10 songs or so, but can be extended or cut down! UP TO YOU!