DEFAULT OUTFIT blends gritty distortion with an acoustic foundation; a style ranging from pop to moody, with plenty of hooks in between.


DEFAULT OUTFIT is a straight ahead, take only the clothes on your back, unpredictable journey for the masses. Just before committing to the sound of a windows-down road trip, it abruptly shifts towards the ethereal feel of a lonely midnight ride, making sure to make the necessary stops along the way. The pristine acoustics lead the navigation through the pop landscape, buoyed up by waves of gritty distortion. The barrage of beats pushing each track forward encourages the efforts with playful determination. Riding freely upon the sound are the vocals of a desperate passenger, hoping to reach land, but seemingly afraid to get off.

With the dramatic ambitions of Grace-period Jeff Buckley, and the presence of a more haunted DMB, DEFAULT OUTFIT played its first chords for a live audience on Halloween 2001. Over the next twelve months, their commitment to thrilling, layered shows vaulted them to the venerable Boston-area stages of Harper's Ferry, House of Blues, and Paradise-Front Room, among others. In November 2002, the band released its debut album, Casual City, to a sold-out Bill's Bar on Boston's famed Lansdowne Street, repeating the feat six weeks later to a sold-out Middle East Upstairs. On January 2, 2003, Boston's largest circulation newspaper, The Boston Metro, featured DEFAULT OUTFIT and their wildly successful debut. Casual City has been heard on radio stations across the Northeast, most notably WBCN 104.1, and the album enjoys a swelling critical buzz.


Every Word I Said

Written By: T. Richards

Foreshadows on the wall, and all betray sunlight’s arrival
Sacrifice a martyr makes, but this time for survival
Reminding of the promises we made…
Oh, long time ago
Ascending consequences every time you say ‘hello’
Where to go I don’t know

Somewhere not so far from here
Enduring this our binding fear
Somehow not so fleeting when you’re near
You’re never near

Passionate dawn and on and gone, is this too bright for you
Lesson too long a song all-wrong, do you see through me too

Somewhere not so far from here
Enduring this our binding fear
Somehow you can see me through your

Low lit smoke, gleaming blue to red
Surrounding me, it’s all I see
But not inside my head
Slow we broke, with every word I said
The endless sky we had to try
But not inside my head

Yellow light flash embrace a memory of better days
Tellin’ myself, I know, I know it’s just a phase
Symphonic motions and the taste of wine so sweet
Such a far off land
Hopeless glances through the falling trees I can’t recall
Still here we stand

Methanol flood in trails of blood, how rough your skin can feel
Cellophane lies in pale blue eyes, you knew they would reveal

Casual City

Written By: T. Richards

T.V. chopper up above my head
Where you been, yeah, well who's in your bed
Late again, late night, a lady from the back bay
Baby now you know you're not dead
In this Casual City
As you were, Casual City
Deli Kate she never looks at the sun
Meat market opens at a quarter to one
Save a dime and herself
And make it to the 'Frisco Bay baby
You better run, in this

Casual City, Casual City
Hope you look pretty
Within the Casual City

Cover me and I'll cover you too
Play the band tell me what to do
My guitar and my star
We're gonna get the good pay baby
Now I gotta get through
To this Casual City
As you were, Casual City
Leather jacket are you black or brown
Whatever happened to your beautiful sound
Was it sold with your mind
And in the end the one way baby you had
Hoped to have found in this...

Well, tell me, tell me
Suddenly soon she knew what to do
Follow up and jump at the top of the stairway
Into forty nights a long way from heaven and
A little more deep into the Casual City...

Telephone are we hangin' on
Like a radio without a song
And the D. Jockey woke up
And now he's got something to say
Baby just get along in this...

Any Questions

Written By: T. Richards

Well that was fun last night
Stimulate for eight years
Now I’m worn out, two face, this right
Mourning your loss of faith in
Your party that’ll never end
My best friend
Did we believe in always more
We should have talked about this before

What have we done my guilty son
What have we done
Is it time to run my guilty son
Before they ask any questions

Well that was fun last night
On a street to beat time
All gone, are we allowed to fight
Didn’t we agree to this
To deny an existing end
My new friend
Do we look the same at your front door
We should have talked about this before

I know now you have
Difficulty remembering why we
Forgot you, forgot to
Pick you up along the way
Someday I’ll have more than
Open arms and empty hands
Lookin like we’re here to stay

Am I still in your sight
Bullet found around all over
Is this a show of might
What you had in mind
Glory that shook in the end
My lost friend
But I never felt anything more
We should have talked about this before

Here’s to you
An eyebrow to you
We raise our confidences
And our bold flag
‘cause I belong here too
and I’ll be watching you

Your fortune all along
Debtor with an imagination
Under God, My body
Is it in your way
Someday I’ll have more than
Open arms and empty hands
Lookin like we’re here to stay


Casual City - Ioana Records, 2002

Featuring 'Every Word I Said,' 'Casual City,' and 'Any Questions'

Set List

Typically one 45-55 min. set
Frequently including one or two covers
Set lists, times and content are very flexible.