Defective Perception

Defective Perception

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

A mix of the old school and the new. Fast thrash parts mixed with melodic interludes and ball-busting breakdowns.Technically proficient but still catchy. Unpretentious. Brutality with atmosphere. Depth of songwriting with naturally heavy roots. Metal for metal's sake.


Taking influence from likes of Martyr, Death, Mastodon, At the Gates, Meshuggah, Decapitated, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Slayer and many more, Defective Perception first hit the Halifax metal scene like a hurricane. Even as newcomers they proved their worth playing alongside many of the local heavyweights and earning opening slots with Dying Fetus, Bloodshoteye, Thine Eyes Bleed, Hands of Death, Four Question Marks, Blinded By Faith and others. During this period the band released their first; and to date, only; EP - "The End of All Things to Be".

After a two year hiatus Defective Perception has returned with a slight lineup change and a renewed commitment to providing songs that each stand alone in their character but remain extremely heavy and mosh-worthy. They are not a "one trick pony" of breakdowns and blast beats. Every song has its own evolution, and will enthrall you while it crushes you to the ground. Planning a full-length release for summer 2012.

Just. Fucking. Metal.



Written By: Defective Perception

Re-probating ideas of contribution
Indolence takes over body and mind
Deterioration is due to lethargic design
Unable to see through the smoke screen created
A defective perception will allow it to feed
Neglecting one's self by failing to rid this disease
Protesting one thing while claiming the other
Seeking the advantage of what you despise

Feel it get in, getting under your skin
Nothing for everything, again and again
Watch how it takes from you
Weighted, it burdens you
Playing the host has taken its toll on you

See Through

Cold and pasty, white and sickly
Hermit methods leave you pale
Hiding, whining, doing nothing
Lack on sunlight leaves you blind
Suffer through failure
See through disguise

Feel it get in, getting under your skin
Nothing for everything, again and again


"The End of All Things To Be" 2008 EP