“Natural imperfections and untamed morals, the abnormalities and lack of something necessary for perfection…”


DE'FEKT's name describes the powerful but simultaneously melodic sides of its music and summarizes the never ending evolution of each one of its members. Formed in 2003, this Puerto Rican quartet had their goals set on creating music packed with sharp force and melodic undertones and so they have. From day one DE'FEKT has been able to deliver not just an impacting live performance locally but internationally, gaining from this not only respect, but a broad and diverse fan base. This band from Puerto Rico finds its way on the next level, playing music that evokes emotion through every note. Check out the tunes, drink in the live vibe, don't believe the hype and decide for yourself. "Are you perfect?"


Brutal Noise Presents: Puerto Rock Vol. 1 (Compilation)
•Release Date: May 15, 2007
•Label: Brutal Noise
•Single: "Lost In This"

Are You Perfect?
•Release Date: Nov 18, 2005
•Label: Radikal Performance
•Singles: "Aquí" and "Take This"

Set List

DE'FEKT can perform a 30 minute show of explosive original music.

The complete set list is as follows:

Lost In This
Take This
Musical Interlude
Save Them