Defense Wins Championships

Defense Wins Championships


This group of elite athletes has been terrorizing bands & venues around the league, and literally changing the way the game is played. Throw-yer-fist-in-the-air, head-bangin', lighten-the-f&%*-up rock. In a word, "proper" rock & roll.


Remember when bands used to rock? Now, i am not talking about the black clad, super processed, cookie monster vocal screaming, death obsessed misery whores. Or the whiny, over emotional, t-shirts three sizes too small, girl jeans wearing, pseudo-punk nancy boys. No, i am talking about Les Paul and Marshall stack screaming, melody soaked riffing, hair flying, meat and potatoes, rock and fucking roll. Until now, you had to turn to classic rock radio, or your burned-out uncle’s record collection, who, in between bong hits, still talks about the time he saw Van Halen open for Black Sabbath at the Civic Center in 1979 (man, i love my uncle). But things have changed.
Coming straight outta Nashville like a shot of monkey blood to the temple, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS has arrived to save rock and roll as we know it. With members who have literally played the world over, from multiple television appearances, to sold out stadium shows in Brazil, DWC brings an unparalleled live show, and songs with more hooks than a truckload of coat hangers. Whether opening for Def Leppard, or rocking the kiddos at an all-ages show, DWC has an appeal and fan base from ages 15-50. Harkening back to the golden era of rock, DWC pulls off the seemingly impossible: a sound that is both familiar and fresh.
So, for those of you who have a hole in your soul that can’t be filled with the garbage that the airwaves are currently shoving down your throats, the solution is easy. Trade in those stretch jeans for some faded Levi’s, dust off the vintage Aerosmith t-shirt, raise your lighters in the air, lighten the fuck up, and join the team with the best band to lace ’em up in years. Everybody now, DEFENSE (boom,boom), DEFENSE (boom,boom) DEFENSE....................


Currently working on debut LP. Previously recorded versions are available online.

Set List

We can play a stomping 45 min half, or dominate for a full 1 1/2 hr game. We normally throw a cover in the set. Cover may be Hot for Teacher, Ace of Spades, Atomic Punk, In the Flesh, He's a Whore, or some other song that doesn't suck.