BandWorldNew Age

A World Music Electronic Fusion featuring solo percussionist Reid DeFever. With his array of instruments from around the globe Reid creates sensual hypnotizing beats, alive and in constant motion that speak to the soul and the body...gets you!!!


Reid DeFever is a classically trained and ethnic studied world percussionist. A master of his craft for 24 years Reid's solo show fuses instruments-music-and-rhtyhms from Brazilian, Cuban, Middle Eastern, Electronica, Ambient, Sounds of Nature, Rock, club dance, India, Rock, Funk, Vocal Chant (giving the audience an opportunity to participate by singing along with tunes they have never heard before @ at the same time releasing stress and having fun-ala Yoga Kirtan)

Reid performance is a true eclectic mix for lovers of musical and cultural diversity, visual interest and harmony. Reid blurrs the lines with grace and skill with rhythms that shake the body and soul.

I am a solo act, with one technical and sound engineer. Making travel logistics simple.

I am seeking artist management/pr/booking agent:
This is a no brainier and win win situation for the right company that wants to develope a long working relationship.
I have been professional musician, meaning music only, for 8 years now. If I can make it on my own in the over saturated Los Angeles market w/o support imagine what we can do together with a dedicated business side! I perform in many markets and have a wide demographic w/ fans, have toured internationally in large concert halls in EU.

see website for a full resume

I have a range of shows to offer talored to fit any sized venue and audience.

1. Acoustic/World Beat/Lounge/Coffee house/Reception
(small, medium sized venue)

2. Solo Drumming Performance - Taiko: Octopus Chamber, Tabla world percussion mix
(med/large venue, gala event, special events...)
Past performances/clients:
4th of July Celebration
Special Olympics
Red Bull Stunt Man Awards
Bellagio Hotel

3. Tribal Trance Dance -African, Brazilian, India, Asian, Electronica
(good for the big party, mix it up and take a break from the DJs!!)

4. Formal Concert Performances
***and Master Classes /college tours may
piggy back bookings within University Arts Dept's: Dance, Yoga Meditation Healing, Music Dept: Percussion and Composition. I have a Bachelor of Music, CSUN '97 with extensive experience to share in these areas.

Dancers and performing artists optional with all of the above, I work with several troupes and duet with soloists to balance the audial with the visual!!
(Belly dance/Flamenco/Martial Artists/Fire spinners)

I am currently in the final stages of packaging 4 CDs for release:
African Trance Dance
Yoga Meditation
World Electronica
Taiko/Tabla -the Octopus Chamber

audio online, please visit and listen while reviewing my complete resume, bio and accomplishments!


The Zone - Movie Sountrack
Meerkat Safari - Book Soundtrack
Taiko/Tabla- solo improvisations and compositions
Afrikata- African Drumming
Rhythm Industry- Electronica
Well Traveled- Blues

have a listen!!

Set List

Solo Set: 60 minutes
Drum solo
Introduce the band (equipment on stage as I go)
Cajon/Doumbek and Bass Pedals
Belly dance tune
Upbeat electronica
Vibes Meditation
Drum and Bass
African djembe Jungle
Marimba solo
taiko solo
Cuba-salsa fusion
vocal percussion
tabla song