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"Defiance Pointe rocks 800 miles round-trip"

Nov. 6th 2008

KALAMAZOO — It's 415 miles from St. Louis, Mo. to Kalamazoo, and the guys from Defiance Pointe travel those miles regularly just to play a few songs.

The band formed in late 2004 in St. Louis, calling itself Defiance after the name of a town in Missouri. The Pointe came later.

Through a few lineup changes and a couple of moves, three current members live in Kalamazoo, two back in St. Louis. It can be hard work making music that way, the musicians said.

"Probably, what'll end up happening is we'll have to end up in one place, either there or here, we don't know," said vocalist Derek Schenck. "It's not too bad because we have a little bit of a fan base in both places."

Schenck and guitarists Sean Jones and Jake Woodworth live in Kalamazoo. Bassist James Ballesteros and drummer Alex Rivera live in St. Louis. The two factions will make regular trips north or south, cramming in a few practice sessions before each show in either region.

"We get to practice just a couple hours before the show," said Schenck. "We've been pulling it off just because we know the songs, but it would be a lot better if we could practice more."

Songs are written in small group sessions between Jones, Woodworth and then Schenck, and then worked on when the whole group gets together and made into final tracks.

The band plays an operatic kind of nu-metal grunge. It's low-tuned guitars with lots of minor-key melody, heavy hooks mixed with wide-open breakdowns. And atop it all is Schenck's long-note, smart-melody vocals. It's the sound of Staind or Stone Sour.

"We all just listen to lots of different kinds of music," Woodworth said. "We try to take influences wherever we can."

"When you put it all together, it's just what it makes," Schenck said. "We don't try to do anything different. It's just what it makes."

Schenck said the lyrics are "about finding yourself," as explained through storytelling stanzas about whatever happens to cross his mind.

"People always say, 'What's that song about?'" Schenck said. "And I say, you listen to it and tell me what it's about. I might write it about something stupid and it might really mean something to you, helped you get through something, and I don't wanna take that away from you."

Defiance Pointe has recorded one album, the 11-track "Until the Dawn," which it hopes to release in the spring. (Some copies of the album will have bonus tracks). The band has no label.

Working already on new songs, the musicians said they're trying to "go to the next step," and change up and evolve their compositions.

The musicians said they hope for modest effects on a listener of that album, basic hopes every musician hopes:

"I hope people hear the music and be like, 'That band doesn't suck,'" Schenck said, adding he hope people can relate.
- Battle Creek Enquirer - Justin A. Hinkley

"Local band on the rise"

Defiance Pointe is a band that can entertain you not only audibly but visually. Audiences pay attention when they hit the stage. We hope to see big things from this band in the near future. - Becky (The Pit)

"Introducing Defiance Pointe"

"Influencing people shouldn't be too hard for Defiance Pointe. Woodworth and Gillespie produce intense guitar riffs full of emotion, while Schenck has a powerful and sometimes haunting voice that will appeal to all rock fans." - Excerpt from Article by Brandy Pecor of the Wentzville Journal

"S.I.U.E. 2007 Battle ot the bands"

High energy intense performance, higher than life. We can't wait to see these guys again next year, if they're aren't signed by then! - Judges panel

"Don't miss out!"

You better go see Defiance Pointe now before it costs twenty, thirty bucks to see them this time next year! - Tim from Bring It Entertainment


2007 Demo “From the Ashes”
(Release date December 15 2007)
(Recorded at Trailer Studios)

1. Fade Away
2. Speak
3. From the Ashes
4. Until the Dawn

Engineer/Producer - Rich Criebaum (formerly of Mesh and Modern Day Zero)


2009 “Until the Dawn”
(Release Date March 7th, 2009)
(Recorded at Trailer Studios)

1. Intro
2. My Way Out
3. Speak
4. Tainted Blue
5. Vicious Circles
6. Until the Dawn
7. Fade Away
8. From the Ashes
9. Searching
10. Yesterday
11. Echoes

Bonus tracks
12. Everyday
13. Still Here
14. Until the Dawn(Piano version)

Engineer/Producer - Rich Criebaum (formerly of Mesh and Modern Day Zero)
Mastering - Scott Gertken, Rich Criebaum (both formerly of Mesh and Modern Day Zero)


2010 “Don't Forget to Write ep”
(Release Date 2010)
(Recorded at Trailer Studios)



Defiance Pointe is a 5-piece modern rock band, hailing from the outskirts of Saint Louis, Missouri. Originally formed in 2004, the band centers around childhood friends Jacob Woodworth (rhythm guitar) and James "Jimbo" Ballesteros (bass, backing vocals). The band is known for their brand of powerful, melodic rock music coupled with a high-energy stage show, and has established fanbases both in their hometown of St. Louis and in their "second home" of Battle Creek, Michigan.

THE LIVE EXPERIENCE Staples at Defiance Pointe shows include the ubiquitous DP circle logo, a throng of fans clad in black T-shirts with various (often homemade) printed designs, frequent calls to "Get some drinks in!" and an overall light-spirited party atmosphere. Over the past 5 years, a devoted group of die-hard Defiance Pointe fans from both cities have begun to travel alongside the band, frequently making the 17-hour round trip in the span of a weekend. In recognition of these fans' dedication, the band members have been known to give away free tickets, merchandise, drinks, or a place to crash for the night.

2009: UNTIL THE DAWN Several years in the making, the quintet's full-length studio debut Until the Dawn highlights 11 fan favorites from the band's five-year repertoire of over 30 unrecorded songs. Until the Dawn was released at Pop's in Sauget, Illinois on March 7th, 2009. The album showcases Defiance Pointe's signature riff-heavy rock grooves and soulful, long-note melodies, spanning the range from brooding acoustic ballads to driving, fist-pumping anthems. There is even a hint of flamenco thrown in for good measure. And of course, a couple of self-proclaimed "drinking songs" that have become a mainstay in the DP lexicon. The album is laced with no shortage of talent, and provides more than the occasional guitar solo.

Positive reactions to Until the Dawn fueled the group's momentum, and Defiance Pointe found themselves splitting shows between hometowns on a near-weekly basis. Defiance Pointe's fanbase continued to grow; however, the strain of splitting time between St. Louis and Michigan led to an impasse within the band, and in the span of a year, resulted in the departure of all but Jake and Jimbo. The two friends wasted no time in recruiting new full-time members, welcoming Sean Jones (lead guitar), Len Kiraly (drums), and Baines Johnson (lead vocals).

2010: DON'T FORGET TO WRITE Armed with more talent and renewed purpose than ever, the newly rebuilt Defiance Pointe immediately set to work composing four new songs, returning to Trailer Studios just one month later to record their sophomore EP entitled Don't Forget to Write. The four brand-new tracks are being produced and engineered by former Modern Day Zero bassist Rich Criebaum (Cavo, Brookroyal), and scheduled for release this Spring.