Maroubra, New South Wales, AUS

our songs are very unique and our music does not seem to fall into the trap of being in one particular genre. we have songs that fall in the genres of rock and even pop. our band is commited to making music that people can enjoy.


Defileon consists of four very talented musicians and writers, whose average age is a tender 18 years.
We formed the band approximately back in October of 2006, after a school concert that totally freaked the school and our pupils, with its raw energy and solid grooves. With a nurtured talent of coming up with riffs, and lyrics, we quickly found our style of writing our own songs. Various paid gigs, band contests (several 1st places), and parties quickly followed and still continue to this day all over Sydney.The band has been in four recording studios to date, once was with acclaimed songwriter, musician, and producer, Daniel Jones of “Savage Garden” fame.
We have our own rehearsal studio where we writes, create, and rehearses on a weekly basis. This set up ensures we have all the resources and equipment to develop and write hits, at the same time giving the band clear vision of where we want to go, without getting distracted or going off the rails. Defileon are currently writing new material, performing at various gigs in and around Sydney.

Our influences range from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jet, U2, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon and
Led Zeplin

What sets us apart from other bands is that we are prefectionists willing to give everything ago we keep moving to wards our dreams, we love to perform it's in our blood best gig played was at Youth Rock Australia 07 and 08


we do not have an EP or LP we have self recorded our songs on Pro Logic as Jamie is studying a Audio Engineering course at SAE Institute.

Set List

We do not have a typical repertoire as all our live shows are different. we do not play the same covers all the time we try to vary it up so our sets are more interesting.
Song List: Before we're free, Loneliness, My angel, New York Moon, You held me down, Josephine, Granted and several more originals.
7 originals and we can play covers of 8 the sets can go from half an hour to 45mins.