This four-piece hard rock/metal group manage to keep their sound unique and forceful. Powerful guitar melodies, intense vocals as well as unyielding percussion make DefineD’s live shows an exhibition of talent which one would not want to miss.


The group was created in 2001 of founding members Jon Rioux (Vocals), Patrick Malette (Rhythm/Lead Guitar), Jamie (Rhythm/Lead Guitar), and Steve Lajeunesse (Drums). After a long list of bass players and 4 years searching, Defined finally finds Neil Landry(Bass) and the group is complete. This line-up would take DefineD to new heights as a band, winning the 2005 Extreme Bandslam and earning the title "best band in northern ontario" along with other impressive titles. It seemed thats defined was complete, that is until October 2005, when Pat Malette decided to call it quits for other ventures. So, now as a four piece, DefineD is out to turn heads and kick more ass than ever... ...DefineD is a powerful hard rock group; their music is filled with emotion, passion and energy which will definitely make people interested in knowing more about the group. The band is backed up by musicians with different influences, ranging from Metallica to Pantera and Iron Maiden, which makes the band and its sound unique and in-your-face. Live, the band is a must-see; the band definitely gives their all to put on a good show. Be sure to keep your eyes open as for DefineD is definitely not a band to miss!


DefineD Demo 1:1)-Strangled,2) Red I,3) Inner Wounds, 4)Me

Set List

Typical set list is about an hour and a half with about 12 songs. An example would be:
3-Red I(DefineD)
6-Inner Wounds(DefineD)
9-Rose of Sharon(Killswitch Engage)
10-Master of Puppets( Metallica)
11-Battery/Orion medley (Metallica, arr. by DefineD)
12-Seek and Destroy (Metallica)

Other covers include more Metallica songs, Godsmack, Pantera, and more heavier covers.