BandHip Hop

DeFinne,a young energetic Rapper from Shreveport,La.writes composes,produces,and models,he has performed throughout the S/F bay area,Chicago,to Orlando Florida,he has video's out on youtube and Myspace,his cds being distributed by cdbaby.and Ioda,he's shared the stadge with Snoop,KRS-1,DJ Quick,etc.


DeFinne's music,is Street,danceable,lovin for the ladies,he likes to keep it real,rap is expressive,DeFinne,is enjoyable.His influences are Lil Wayne,T.I. LL.Cool J.and respect for the arts.he enjoys performing.


Latest release Street Fame,title song Tippy Toes,with an introduction from Snoop Dogg,and JT the Bigga Figga,check the video out on Youtube,type in Tippy toes/DeFinne,view his Myspace play Kwin,97.7or 98.3,radio stations down south,DeFinne,being from the south,can't forget home.

Set List

Set list consist of 10,12,or 17 songs.each song about 3 minutes long.