DEFUSED: "Heavy without sacrificing songwriting focus, Defused is charged with energy and shot through with melody and groove."



Want a little hard rock for breakfast? How about lunch? Dinner, perhaps? A midnight snack? You'd better have that kind of desire, because once you've heard Defused, you won't be able to get enough. This high-energy alt-rock act will get under your skin with the first song you hear and from there you'll be wanting to jam to Defused's music morning, noon and night.


Music is ascension, says Defused. It is a place where everything coalesces. It is the manifestation of metaphysical truth in evidence before your very ears. “Music makes us feel a complete blend of both positive and negative emotions felt and expressed by most humans.” It's the entire spectrum of human feeling intensified to a bright pulse of aural waves. At least in the right hands it is. And you better believe no hands are more right than those of Defused's talented musicians.

Fun and Purposeful

For Defused, there are two important criteria that must be met for a song. “The first and foremost rule of our band is: If it's not fun, it's not worth it.” If the band isn't getting the vibe running through its veins, then the audience isn't likely to feel the hook either. It's got to resonate in the party center of the brain – or why bother? “The second idea is more personal and deep. And that is: We feel that music is our purpose in life. It's something we must do.” If there is destiny, it is music. Defused feels no greater passion than the heartbeat felt in the name of rock. “It's as if rock-n-roll is our religion, our calling. Music creates a lot of good in the world ... Music is a way of life.”

After Leaving, Before Arrival

That huge stretch before beginning and end is the whole point for Defused. “What inspires Defused is the journey.” Finding the fire in life and just taking life as it comes – well, that's the spirit of rock-n-roll. And the spirit of rock is alive and well in the music of Defused. It's all about “where we've been, where we're going and where we are now.”

The Artist at Work

Prior to putting together the lineup for Defused – along with his brother – Bobby A gained impressive experience as a professional drummer, gigging with a number of bands, some of whom shared the stage with Shinedown, Sebastian Bach and Mudvayne. Bobby A was also featured on ESPN's “Cold Pizza” program. The group's first self-produced album, “Thunderbolts for Jupiter,” hit the streets early this year. Recording will commence on the next album this fall. Ultimately, the members of this band believe the key to greatness is brotherhood. “The great bands were founded by the connection and blood bond of brotherhood. Bobby and Mike Angilleta share that driving force and connection in Defused. Together with the talents of Jay G.S. and Tim Harkenreader, the brothers plan to take Defused to the summit of rock-n-roll greatness.” Defused is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Heavy without sacrificing songwriting focus, Defused is charged with energy and shot through with melody and groove.” - A&R Select


Bottle Of Smoke

Written By: DEFUSED (Smith, Angilletta, Angilletta)

Go! Go! Go!

Take a little sip and you might find
In an ounce of truth and a bottle of lies
Breath in…let it out slowly
Exhale…exits only
Pray to God that we don’t choke
In a bottle of smoke

Go! Go! Go!

Take a closer look into my eyes
Dip a tiny spoon in a bottle of wine
Close your eyes
We spin so softly
Sit back, the skin keeps crawling
Pray to God that we don’t choke
In a bottle of smoke

I…I will find a way
To make this all
All just go away
(from me!)
I cannot think
Can’t find my mind
Where should I run?
There’s no where to hide
We’re deep in a hole
Scratching at the walls
Begging for the end
We’ve lost all control

I…I will find a way
To make this all
All just go away
(from me!)

Filth Yourself

Written By: DEFUSED(Smith, Angilletta, Angilletta)

With all these days we’ve walked across the broken glass
The sun spots fade behind the hour glass
My tongue goes numb with every sip I take
And someone cries out in pain

Yeah! Whoa!

The time keeps ticking with every breath we taek
Life slips by with all the small mistakes
Please crack this and watch the sun go down
We’re broken and unfound

Yeah! Whoa!

Every God damn day
Feels the fucking same
Let me hear you scream
Let me feel your pain
Lift your head up high
Don’t be afraid to die
Filth yourself on me
Let me watch you bleed

Please filth yourself on me
‘cause I can’t watch you hurt no longer
I can’t hurt no longer NO!
Please make it disappear
‘cause I can’t take this any longer
I can’t hurt no longer NO!

Yeah! Whoa!

Just A Memory

Written By: Jason Gary Smith

Just A Memory
Lyrics by Jason Gary Smith
Music by Michael Angilletta, Robert Angilletta, and Jason Gary Smith

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I am the empty one
I’ve locked myself inside you
You are the everything
Please don’t close your eyes and tell me

Please don’t tell me
It’s just a memory
I wonder why?

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I’ve fallen down too deep
To far away from the light you keep
But you hold your head up high
To far way from the light tonight

Please take these hands
Hold them close to you heart
Is my heart at amends?
It only needs to see your eyes

It’s fucking killing me!

Please don’t tell me that it’s just a memory


Thunderbolts For Jupiter (2007)

Set List

One 60 minute set;

1. In a way
2. Bottle Of Smoke
3. Just a memory
4. Personal Hell
5. Vesuvius
6. Don't Bother
7. Filth Yourself
8. Aisley
9. Turned Your Head
10. Folsom Prison
11. White Wedding