Dega Breaks

Dega Breaks


Black and white disko punk, funk skag attacking the senses and bruised chords all over the place. Thinking New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode and Whitey etc Just completed recent supports for Das Pop and The Automatic.


The new single ‘All Night’ on out on 7th April through New Music Club on 7” vinyl & download

The flip side of the 7” & download features a wonderfully dark and chaotic remix from Tronik Youth, fresh from recent projects with The Gossip, Late Of The Pier, New Young Pony Club and The Rake, amongst others.

Let us now deal with the facts: cracked facts, empty facts, distorted facts, blind facts, secret facts, unknown facts, guilty facts.

‘All Night’ was recorded within stumbling distance of where it was written. Under the rumbling arches of Camden, squeezed between scenester mecca Hawley Arms, all lines and fringes and the electri rail track of the overground, which irradiated them and imparted a whistling howl through their amps which ensured that ‘All Night’ had to be written in the key of E.

Singer Dominic Otero spits lyrics like a man on fire, firing out songs of the city, songs of dancing through the early hours, songs of a frenzied man with too much to say and no time left to say it.

Drummer Alex Sabga has been killed at least 37 times and looks none the worse for it, his stints on ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Alexander’ provide many a tour bus yarn.

Multi-tasking, ambidextrous Gavin Bilbe handles guitars and keys, sometimes simultaneously; his brother Ben holds everything steady with heavy bass and wry smile.


Wake Up b/w Bedroom Divas
[XFM playlisted / 6Music airplay/ Eddy Temple Morris - tune of the year ]

All Night b/w All Night Remix (Tronik Youth)
[XFM playlisted / 6Music airplay ]

John Kennedy XFM Exposure session Feb 2008

Set List

Set list generally 7 songs
30 mins
(Occasionally play Relax)