The musical project 'Heimat, so near so far' is a swinging and very Brazilian view of old german songs, both classical and folk. Jorge Degas and Andreas Weiser reharmonized these songs and added infectious Brazilian rhythms, which in effect revitalized the songs in their entirety.


„Heimat“, so near so far“
or how Loreley loves Tropicalia

The musical project „Heimat, so near so far“ is a collaboration of the brasilian bassist and guitarist Jorge Degas and the german percussionist, composer and author Andreas Weiser in conjunction with the record label Piranha Musik.
An array of astonishingly new interpretations of german songs, both classical and folk, which will lead the listener to a pleasureful rediscovery of the german „Liedgut“, the songs of generations.

The result is a swinging and very brasilian view of these old german songs, which animate the listener to hum along happily. Jorge Degas and Andreas Weiser reharmonized these songs and added infectious brasilian rhythms, which in effect revitalized the songs in their entirety, filling the gap between the generations.

In close collaboration with the singer/actress Nina Ernst and the persian-german Jazzsinger Sahrin Rezai the duo worked a full year to choose the right material from the rich german songtradition. Johannes Brahms (Guten Abend, gute Nacht), Friedrich Zelter (Der König von Thule, with Lyrics by J.W. von Goethe) and Bernhard Fließ (Schlaf mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein) are examples of the beauty, both in music and the lyrics, which has nothing in common with the bland commercial fare you will find on the airwaves today.

A quote from Jorge and Andreas:
„We were surprised how well these old melodies fitted into the framework of the musical tradition of Brazil.

Guests on the album and special occasions:
Lucyane P. Alves Sanfona / Bocato Posaune / Anduva u. Stenia Degas Chor / Tilmann Dehnhard Flöte / Martin Klingeberg Trompete / Jürgen Kupke Klarinette / Trine Lyngvi Chor / Rouwen Schirmer Cello / Volker Schlott Sopransaxophon / Lucas W. Vargas Sanfona / Lutz Wernick Violine


Jorge Degas
Composer, Bassist, Guitarist from Rio de Janeiro. Living on the danish island of „Fuenen“ since 18 years. A most spectacular bassist, famous world over for his chordal playing on the istrument. Has played with most of the legends of brazilian popular music, i.e. Alceu Zalenca, Martinho da Vila, Jorge Aragao, Paulo Moura and many more. He has been interested in european songs for some time now and has discovered the german songs through this interest.

Andreas Weiser
Musician and composer from Berlin. Has worked as a composer for radio, television and featurefi lms. and is a percussionist in various international jazzand worldmusicbands. The collaboration with Jorge Degas dates back 20 years, among the various projects is the group Xiame.

Nina Ernst
Actress and Jazzsinger. Graduated from the School of Acting and the Stage School of Music and Drama. both in Hamburg. Sings in various Jazzbands in Berlin and was the featured vocalist for the 2005 Christmas-CD for one of the leading magazines for women in Gemany („Fuer Sie).

Sahrin Rezai
Jazzsinger and composer of persian-german descent. Graduated from the Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy School of Music and Theater in Leipzig. Studied with Peter Elkus. Involved in numerous projects ranging from jazz to HipHop, funk and soul.


Degas / Weiser: Heimat – von fern so nah. Loreley liebt Tropicália
CD-PIR2008 (D only: Indigo CD 806252)