Degenerate Nation

Degenerate Nation

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When you spend the majority of your life slaving away for someone else’s profit, sometimes it’s necessary to just get plain stupid. Degenerate Nation represents all that is wrong in this crazy US of A…i.e. all that is fun. Whatever your party needs - we got you.


Degenerate Nation do not put on shows. They throw parties. Parties that will make you sweat…hard.

The Degenerates will take any situation and revel in its absurdity, charming any haters in their path. They are known to visit distant lands, only to find themselves in a hot tub sipping PBR’s with strange women by the end of the night.

Musically, Degenerate Nation sounds like shaking booties. If you find yourself emotionally moved, you go ahead and enjoy that. Just be sure to dance, have a couple drinks, and forget your responsibilities.

Degenerate Nation is about having fun and enjoying life. They come from the school of thought which regards hip hop as an art form and a celebration, not a breeding-ground for misogynistic murderer wannabe's.

Let's dance.


I Want More

Written By: Khalil, DGENETICS

Chorus1: The waiting’s been so long... The time is now, I feel it calling...
You know what I long to hear...
That real music and I feel you darling...
The waiting’s been so long...
It's been fiftyleven days since the game done switched up...
You know what I long to hear...
That real music and this is it, cuz.

Khalil: And I can feel it calling, blessings I can feel them falling. So this time I’m putting them all in, calling up the boys I’ve known since the Transformer toys. We keep the shit rocking like a clock ticks when it’s tocking. So we got focus, and got on the mission to disrupt your regular programmed radio. Man, fuck trying to change the game…we’re trying to change the globe. And I don’t even have to talk about making dough – you talk about pimping when you used to have to rape them hoes. And I’d rather be on my grind then listen to that shit. So I did, and now cats are St. Patrick’s Day’d out, because you chose to stay out while we stayed dazed for days in from night's start to day's end.

Chorus2: Well stop waiting because we’re already here.
Forget the future baby, this is our year.

Khalil: We got a new product. Fuck your loop partner. That .22 will get that loot up out you.
We make music, you make my crew sick. We’re too thick and you dudes is toothpicks, not built for pressure. Your foundation is weak like faulty architecture, but I’ll protect you even though your contents lack content. My conscience tells me not to hurt them, but I’ve been waiting so long I’ve got to serve them. I got your speakers vibrating, got you about to catch a charge for a noise violation. Some say that I’m just hating, but I’m just spreading love all over the track, plus we do it better, cuz.


Khalil: What you waiting on, stop delaying, I got game but not playing, im too old for that, and im over that same old story. All these rappers sound the same and don’t do nothing for me, I’d rather ride listening to my niggas sippin Henn with fly sisters than to turn on the radio. A player but I aint playing nope, or saying no shit that I don’t do daily yo, in my opinion, the game’s been missing everything but cooked crack in the kitchen, I hear some good tracks but they lack vision, gangsters don’t live long so how is rap different, look I grew up on the shit don’t get it twisted, aint nothing like gangster music when its time to get it, all im saying is you in denial if you cant see that the game’s patiently been waiting on we.


Solar Shields

Written By: DGENETICS, Khalil

Everybody loves my Solar Shields sunglasses.
All the people wanna ask is,
“Where’d you git those sunglasses?”
“Where’d you git them?”

Rollin’ in my Cadillac,
Protectin’ both my cataracts…
The ladies wanna try them on,
They ask me for a piggy back.

Female: “Hey you. What you got on your eyes?
I wanna see how they look right between my thighs.”
DGENETICS: “Girl?!!! Those are my Solar Shields.
I keep them on my eyes just for the sex appeal.”

Hey man, take off those Gucci’s.
Hoochies wanna try on my Shields in exchange for the coochie, they’re like…

**girly senseless chatter**

Girl get your fingernails off of me,
You used to use your stingers and scoff at me,
Now you 5-finger them off of me,
And you linger, back off of me…
You all up ons.

On the way to visit Granny so I’m puttin’ them on.
Not knowing I’d get jumped at the retirement home,
Just for trying them on,
Old ladies eying me, holmes.
Jockin’ my style so much I have to ride with the chrome.


Hey baby…my Solar Shields.
You’re my one and only – my forever lover.
I will never take you off my face.
I can’t even see through you…I can’t see where I’m going.
And I don’t need to….I don’t want to.



The self-titled debut has been leaked, but there has not yet been an official release.

Set List

Sets range from 35 min. – 1 hour, and they incorporate songs from the album as well as a few b-sides.

-Skate With Me
-Industry Takeover
-Solar Shields
-I Want More
-Eyes Low
-Is it Good?
-When I’m Gone

-Throw it All Away
-Every Day is Saturday
-Tired Music