Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom


People tell us we sound like James Taylor with a synthesizer, Cat Stevens, and even the moody blues. Vocals and guitar guide our sound with keyboards driving home melodies and hot solos while the Bass and Drums keep these songs moving about everything from cyberlove to quiet time to alcoholics.


Original songs with interesting perspectives about life and an odd mix of styles are what set us apart from other bands. Lead songwriter and vocalist Kevin Snider lists Neil Young, the Beatles, America, Elton John, Loggins & Messina, and Cat Stevens as his major influences. His songs are written for the guitar and, while frequently equated to these artists, his approach to life and voice are a little different. Take “Bottle Breaks Again” which is a song about a man in love with an alcoholic or “Cybergirl,” which is a song about a girl sadly trying to find love on the internet. One of the cuts offered here, “Quiet Time,” sounds kind of like Taylor and kind of like Cat Stevens, but is uniquely Kevin, particularly the ending. Another song, Prints on the Window, displays his talent at lyrics as he sings about a friend who recently lost a spouse.

The band's soft "Tayloresque" sound is interspersed with other songs that are driven by synthesizers and keyboards. These songs reflect the other songwriter of the group, Tom Johnson, whose influences include Phil Collins, Moody Blues, Genesis, and Styx. The cut, “Long Promise,” written by Tom, is a perfect example of how the band moves from one sound to another, turning to keyboards and synthesizers for inspiration and drive.

Tom Ramey's most recent experience before Degrees of Freedom was as part of a classical guitar group. Although he loves playing bass, the band has tried to give his guitar skills more play. "Old Cafe" is one where Tom switches the bass for a classical guitar giving the song a rather unique feel.

Bill Foraker’s experience as a jazz drummer adds another dimension to this group and livens up the percussion with a slightly different sound than might be found in standard rock and roll.

Degrees of Freedom brings together a folk singer-songwriter, a 70s/80s style pianist, a classical guitar bass player, and a jazz drummer. The sound and perspectives are a little different but the songs will still sound like old friends because they are about things that happen to all of us.


Special Endeavor

Set List

We currently have two sets, totaling 120 minutes.
We do one cover, Year of the Cat, at the beginning of Set One. The rest are originals.

Set One - 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on solos and talking up the crowd

Year Of The Cat
Special Endeavor
Another Night
Bottle Breaks Again
Everything Comes To Me
Searching For Freedom
Every Now And Then (In Progress)
Are You Alive
My Broken Heart
Prints On The Window
Long Promise.


Set 2

Quiet Time
Over Again
Old Café
Doesn’t Want To Run
Little Sister
Cyber Girl
All Fall Down