Jeff DeHerdt

Jeff DeHerdt


Jeff DeHerdt sounds like someone put Thelonious Monk, Steely Dan, Herbie Hancock and Tom Waits in a blender and hit "frappe". The hip, jazzy tunes, mesmerizing on their own, are complemented by lyrics which are mischievously satirical or downright uplifting.


“The Jeff DeHerdt Group tripped and stumbled on to the Midwest music scene in 1999 with a dull thud,” said Jeff DeHerdt: singer, pianist and composer. But, since a performance in the 2000 Indianapolis Jazz Fest, the group draws regular followings in local Indiana venues such as Clowes Hall, the Chatterbox and the Jazz Kitchen. Recently, the group played in Clowes Hall before bands featuring Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Roy Hargrove and Wayne Shorter.

As a child of the 70s and a teenager of the 80s, DeHerdt was pretty much a rock-n-pop junkie. “The music of the Beatles, Billy Joel, Steely Dan and the Police were my drugs of choice,” he said. But, in the late 1980s, jazz became his nicotine patch. Influenced by pianists Thelonious Monk and Bill Evans, DeHerdt began his composition studies and detox at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. “I became re-addicted, this time to a certain blend of jazz and pop,” DeHerdt stated, “I don’t know whether to call it Jop or Pazz, but somebody should really stop me before I do.”

“The new CD is a good indication of how the group barely manages to function live. Each track on the current CD was recorded two or three times in the studio and then we gave up and digitally corrected everything,” DeHerdt said. He added, “If you don’t get it right the first few of times, you ain’t gonna get it. The only thing that tops the CD is coming to hear the group live, so come out and see us!”


I'm All The Friends That I Got

Written By: Jeff DeHerdt

I’ll pick a fight with you just for the fun.
You need a reason? Then I’ll give you one.
I’ll beat your body like it was a drum.
I’m all the friends that I got.

I like a drink with my prescription pills.
They add a little fire to my will.
Still, people treat me like some imbecile.
I’m all the friends that I got.

Psychopathic, stoned and spastic personality
If I had an agent I’d be some celebrity.
I like to say just what I want to say
If you don’t like it then just go away
If I’m annoying you then please don’t stay
I’m all the friends that I’ve got.

O.K. I’m sick, Schizophrenic - That’s alright with me.
I’ve stopped my medication and I still have company.

I like to shout at people in the bar
they’re not important, but they think they are
This is my life and baby I’m the star
I’m all the friends that I’ve got.

Give me my scotch and give me my cigar.
I’m all the friends that I’ve got.

Club Bordeaux

Written By: Jeff DeHerdt

It’s under the billboards ‘round Sepia St.
down where the yound Turbins start acting discreet.
Just ask them where they’d go to catch that curried heat

Big Louis the doorman, he’ll give you the eye.
Just whisper the password and he’ll let you slip by.
Crash through those red oak doors and join the jungle inside.

Where you’ll slide your shoes and sway to the grooves
let your arms hang lose
Move your heels until your hips feel
twisted like a noose
That’s the way they do it at the Club Bordeaux

There’s Sheila she’s toasting her four star premiere
Antonio’s boasting the pennant this year
and everyone else, well, they bribed their way down here.

Our pompous proprietor, they call him Big Bear
his Lady Godiva, loves showing her wares
Now, boys, we don’t want trouble so pack away those stares

And let’s slide our shoes and sway to the grooves
let your arms hang lose
Move our heels until our hips feel
twisted like a noose
That’s the way they do it at the Club Bordeaux

They say that this club will go under someday
no swanky survival in this Midwestern decay
But, everyone here will dance into their graves

Where they’ll slide their shoes and sway to the grooves
let their arms hang lose
Move their heels until their hips feel
twisted like a noose
That’s the way they do it at the Club Bordeaux

Shining Your Light

Written By: Jeff DeHerdt

I feel like a beggar that’s been beaten and bruised.
I feel like a liar in my search for the truth.
I fell like old Lucifer in a confessional booth
with a deaf priest to hear all my sins.

I feel like the punchline of a terrible joke.
I feel like the last lines of a suicide note.
I feel like my lifeline has finally broke
and my arms are to heavy to swim.

Can’t stop the sun from fallin’
tumblin’ to the ground
But it looks like the dark days dawnin’
are not gonna to hang around
If things keep on goin’ from bad to worse
and I’m counting my blessings, but they seem like a curse
When I feel like a lost soul, whatever its worth,
you keep shining your light down on me.

In the blackest of nights
You keep on shining, You keep on shining your light.
You keep on shining your light.

Everything’s clear when the sun starts its climb
You’ve held my hand all this time.

You’ve given me shelter when the doors had all closed
You’ve given me guidance when the truth was exposed
You’ve given me penance for the sins you don’t know
But someday, maybe, they’ll all be heard.

You’ve given me laughter that can’t be surpressed
You’ve given me reasons when they’re all I had left
You’ve given me life when I’ve lost my last breath
And that’s more than I think I deserve.



Jeff DeHerdt Group(EP)
Airplay: Blues Stumble, I'm All the Friends That I Got
Club Bordeaux(Full Album)
Airplay: Few and Far Between, I'm All the Friends That I Got, Club Bordeaux

Set List

Typical set ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hr.
Typical engagement ranges from one set to three.
Shorter engagements are usually predominantly, if not exclusively, original material. Longer engagements usually include cover material done in the band style.