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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"wonderfully unpredictable"

Wonderfully unpredictable. So bittersweet and at the same time very experimental. A huge portion of indie-rock and a dash of several other musical genres mixed together in a tasty 5 course dinner menu. The last song "Apollo" is very lo-fi in its approach, the sound of outer space, an unknown world for most of us human beings. I am floating my way through this splendid cd. Never a boring moment; just an interesting story told
by some truly skilled musicians.

-Joost Hegle, Nephilius Music Webzine (Norway) - nephilius webzine

"Mariposa Salad Days"

Dehra Dun is a San Diego quintet whose five-track EP shimmers with dramatic grace and resonates with majestic swagger. Tracks like "DSM-V" intertwine electronic gasps and keytar noodlings with elegant guitars; while the atmospheric "Apollo" trails into shoegazer territory, complete with the special-effects nuances firmly in tow. Dehra Dun's attention to detail and strong sense of dynamics are the band's strongest attributes, and MARIPOSA SALAD DAYS showcases these traits throughout. Somewhere between The Snake the Cross the Crown, Far, and Codeseven, this group's EP is aimed for those looking for a musical emotional roller-coaster ride.
-Mike SOS [Skratch Magazine] - Skratch Magazine

"Dehra Dun"

"Having lovingly self-defined their sound as “Melt-Rock”, Dehra Dun sonically represent the future of what rock may become; guided by the firm hand of technology. Indeed an amalgam of sounds melted together to fuse into one solid yet malleable body of work, Dehra Dun’s music acts as a character in its own narratives. The tunes echo, hauntingly distant, as currents of real live flesh and blood and breath are mellowed by electronic subtleties. Often, in this day and age, musicians are engineers, as is the case with Dehra Dun. Their music is a multidimensional sensory experience usually accompanied by a visual representation of itself, often in the form of an experimental video presentation created by the band." - SDMusicMatters Magazine

"German Review"

OX Music Magazine Review


Mariposa Salad Days Mini-CD + DVD

DEHRA DUN aus San Diego Kalifornien sind eine dieser Bands die man nicht so einfach in irgendeine Kategorie stecken kann, da sie einfach zu eigenständig und abseits gewohnter musikalischer Vorstellungen agieren. Ihre Debüt-Mini-CD „Mariposa Salad Days“ und die ergänzende und großartige DVD sind optische und akustische Kunstwerke. DEHRA DUN (sprich: DARE-uh-DOON) selbst nennen ihren Sound irgendwie treffend „Melt-Rock“. Sie grooven ohne den Dancefloor schütteln zu wollen, sie rocken ohne in Klischees zu verfallen und sie sind episch ohne in die PINK FLOYD-Falle zu tappen. Ihre Songs sind melodiös und experimentell zugleich. Die Wurzeln des Fünfers liegen eindeutig im vertrackten Postpunk im Sinne von FUGAZI, AT THE DRIVE IN und BEEFEATER. Sie ziehen ihre Einflüsse aber sicher auch aus Screamo, Jazz, New Wave, Shoegazer und elegischen Bands wie SIGUR ROS, RADIOHEAD und GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, ohne auch nur annähernd stumpf abzukupfern. In ihrer unkonventionellen Art ihre Songs zu spielen, erinnern sie an die Arbeitsweise der TALKING HEADS. Durch die beiliegende DVD kann man die fünf einzigartigen Songs der CD noch intensiver und beinahe surrealistisch wahrnehmen, so das sie in manchen Momenten als perfekten Soundtrack für Jim Jarmuschs Meisterwerk „Dead Man“ fungieren könnten. Man darf sehr gespannt sein, wie sich diese Band weiter entwickelt!

-Frank Dietrich OX Music Magazine (Germany)
- OX Magazine


2002 - The Mobility EP
2004 - Mariposa Salad Days EP
2005 - Better Faked
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Feeling a bit camera shy


When Dehra Dun(pronounced DARE-uh-DOON) formed, we were curious as to how this band would produce a cohesive sound. Joey(drums/synth) comes from a orchestral/jazz percussion background; Erick(keytar synth) from a more classical piano background; Matt(guitar) listened to a lot of Hendrix and Zepplin growing up and had a very strong guitar rock influence. Josh was playing blues and funk bass with a little jazz
thrown in, and Jeremiah(guitar/vocals) was playing jazz piano. From these backgrounds we started writing songs.
Our influences as a band include At The Drive-in, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Califone, Tom Waits, Dandy Warhols, and many others. We don't flatter ourselves into thinking we're inventing new chords or anything so arrogant, but we are playing rock in a way we haven't heard anywhere.
One of the distinctive elements of our band is its instruments. We have a keytar player(the keyboard worn like guitar) and he generates all manner of synth sounds; Our drummer, while adding a bike wheel and other non-traditional objects to his kit, also plays vibraphone and synth, usually while also playing drums. He uses a cello bow on the vibes and the cymbals on certain songs to add sounds that would normally be reserved for studio work, as background for a recording. The guitars are not always played traditionally either. We use every conceivable method to produce sounds from our guitars.
We stay away from your typical love songs or breakup songs. Taking a poppy melody and setting up an unlikely situation with it is a trademark of Dehra Dun. To hear one song isn’t nearly enough to get a handle on our sound, but one is enough to hook you. We want the audience to participate in the show, not just watch.
Though we are relatively young, we bring over 60 years of combined performance experience. We’re not just some guys goofing around, we’re serious musicians and performers and we take our jobs seriously.
In short, we must be experienced…