Deim Robinson

Deim Robinson

 Guadix, Andalusia, ESP

An energetic, elegant artist that's has a unique soul sound that reaches all listeners. Deim surrounds himself by all terrain musicians on his discs and live shows. If you like Seal, Sting, James Brown, or Bill Withers you'll love what Deim brings to the mix.


Singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, producer, and showman Deim Robinson started his career in the international ensemble Up with People. Upon relocating to Spain, he was quickly recruited into Funkdacion, one of the premiere bands of funk in that country, as its lead singer. Robinson drafted the lyrics and melodies of the group's CD's Urban Casino (Ambar 2001) and Fun People (Ambar 2007).

Robinson has appeared in many of Europe's finest Jazz Festivals (San Javier, ImaginaFunk, Jazz en el Lago, Polisonic, Zaidin, etc.) where he has performed for thousands and shared billing with renowned artists such as Mauri Sanchis, The Yellowjackets, Chuck Loeb, Rhoda Scott, John Fogerty, Wynton Marsalis, Bill Evans Randy Brecker, etc.

Seasons of Love is the title of his debut solo digital release co-produced by Universal Music songwriter Javier Aviles and award-winning producer/engineer Cheluis Salmerón. Robinson, who is co-producing and self-financing the project, raised a big part of his funding from friends and family on to offset the expenses of the recording. The top-notch musicians who work with Robinson are members of Spain's most successful live touring bands (Pablo Alboran, David Bustamante, Rosario Flores, etc.).

Robinson offers an energetic and lively performance in any of the groups where he comfortably executes his role as the front man. In addition to his on-going collaboration with Mauri Sanchis, Funkdacion and Flamenco Soul, Deim's solo release "Seasons of Love" will be supported by a European tour in 2012.


(2012) Live At Home (DVD) - Mauri Sanchis SuperBand
(2012) Seasons of Love (LP) - Deim Robinson
(2011) Destiny (Single)
(2010) The Road (Soundtrack in Film) - No Existe El Adios
(2007) Fun People (LP) - Funkdacion
(2001) Urban Casino (LP) - Funkdacion
(2000) New World (EP) - Funkdacion