BandHip Hop

"Not just a rapper, but a rap artist" Experience a true female emcee, safistication mixed with great lyrical skills. Taking the essence of hiphop back to it's roots and adding the new generation twist.


Staten Island, NY female emcee, born Khadejah Moore, is ready for the next level in the music industry. She has been rapping and entertaining crowds since she was 13. She has opened for artists such as Ginuwine, Kid Capri, Lil Zane, Mr. Cheeks, Bone Crusher, Wu-tang and Rasheeda. She is a very versatile female emcee with a wide array of talent and diversity that would increase the sales of any labels roster. Many people that have heard her talent compare her to major artists such as Roxanne shante or Eve but at the same time keeping her own originality and image. Performing in The Royal Peacock (same club as Ray Charles, ATL) Deja really puts on a show. She has the ability to sell and has distributed more than 7050 of her cds in New York, Virginia, S.C. and Ga. She has a strong selling power and the image that appeals to our urban market. She is seeking an interview with management or a representative from your company. Check press to see what producers, managers and radio personalities think of Deja’s work.


Get Down, Switch it up, Fall back,
There are tracks that have had airplay
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Set List

If with a band my set list is 1. how we do (edited version) 2. want me back 3. fall back (into southern melody) 4. switch it up life. The shows go according to how much time given, but usually last as short as 5-6mins or as long as 15 mins.