DejaBluz is a Blues Band. We are a band of highly seasoned musicians who have come together to play straight-ahead and mostly uptempo blues, mainly in the Chicago style. Our playlist branches out though into "bluesy" songs that are blues-influenced even while not conventional 12 bar blues.


We formed our band in mid-October 2009, but by mid-November, we had gotten very tight because we discovered a deep chemistry between us. DejaBluz is agressivley recording. Once we got tight, we went into the recording studio to cut tracks for a demo CD to be completed in November and our 1st album to be finished and in distribution in December. We are even ambitious enough to plan to record two more demo CD's and two more albums by the end of Spring 2010.

DejaBluz plays more than covers. Although we are playing a number of tunes performed by many others in the blues world, we also have original material to play and record as well. This comes to the band from our own guitarist and long-time blues dog, Larry LaVey, who is also a published and recorded blues composer himself.

DejaBluz makes live blues music lively. Think Etta James meets Janis Joplin, and you have the vocal style of Angela Haywood, our lead vocalist. Her performances are simply riveting. Couple that with our guitarist, Larry LaVey, who is not only a supreme blues guitarist (with really hot licks in his solo turns), but also a terrific blues vocalist as well. With just those two performing, you will find DejaBluz music downright infectious and almost unbearably exciting. But that's not all! Consider the tub-thumping bass of our bassist, Tim Jolley, combined with the Stevie Ray Vaughan drumming style of clear rhythm and backbeat from our drummer, Jim Wood, and our straight-ahead and uptempo style gets everyone toe-tapping and dancing. Lastly, add the blues and rhythm harp of our Bruce Gras with his soaring solo's and punctuating riffs, and the DejaBluz sound style is distinctive and irrestitable.


We invite you to to our web site,, to both see current performance videos and listen to current studio tracks.

Set List

We can alternatively do:
1. up to three 45 minute sets of 10 songs each, or
2. up to two 70 minute sets of 15 songs, or
3. one long 90 minute set of 20 songs.

Our typical repertoire includes:
"Rock Me Baby"
"Got My Mojo Working"
"Crosscut Saw"
"Reconsider Baby"
"It Hurts So Bad"
"The Sky Is Crying"
"Sweet Little Angel"
"Little By Little"
"Tore Down"
"Down Home Blues"
"Born Under A Bad Sign"
"Voodoo Woman"
"I Don't Care No More"
"Thing Called Love"
"Write Me A Few Of Your Lines"
"Mighty Tight Woman"

Plus, a bunch of orignal, published and recorded songs composed by Larry LaVey, our guitarist and a lead vocalist.