Deja Vu

Deja Vu


Dance cover band playing Classic Rock, and oldies with a contemporary twist.


dejaVu is an ABB band (anything but bluegrass). Brought together by Ben Bradford, who had retired to the mountains and wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of having his own band. Ben put together the most unbelievable group of musicians from the North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia area consisting of two young men (the lead guitarist and the drummer) who had been playing heavy metal; a bass player who had had his own country band for over 10 years; a dynamite female vocalist who needed some extra work and had sung with blues/rock band; and the lead male vocalist, an extraordinary singer/songwriter guitarist, who has performed at all the great venues in New York and Nashville. dejaVu is HIGH ENERGY DANCE BAND! There is no generation gap with this group who play hits spanning almost 5 decades, because they perform the songs everyone knows. Their repertoire is enormous, and dejaVu will create a play list based on client needs. This band always has as much fun as the hosts. An Elvis (the best ever) if he is available, loves to join this group if requested.


Currently working on a CD with cover songs and originals also. 4 LOW QUALITY cuts can be heard at their current site: