Dejavu latin fusion rhythms is a band that mix latin genres of music with some other rhythms like pop, rock, reggae and funk using instruments from different countries like Perú, Venezuela and Central América.


Dejavu was born from the need to express art with music, and to cross every frontier in the world. Our commitment is with ourselves, identifing us with our heritage and our culture. As we share our music, we look forward to leaving an everlasting impression.

Founded on February 1st 2004 this band based in Columbus Ohio USA is the only band in town with such an original style. With members hailing from Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, and USA, Columbus band Dejavu is an international melting pot of Latin jams. The different styles and cultures that they grew up with and have been exposed to are evident on their new self-released debut Abriendo Caminos (Opening Paths). Recorded this spring in Lima, Peru, the 13 songs here reveal bits of their various reference points that mix together for an album about Latino brotherhood, international community, and... lots of dancing.

Traditional salsa provides a great deal of their "Latin Fusion Rhythms". The vocals of Infante and Maria Duque are passionate and persuasive, often coaxing the listener to dance and hear their joyful message, even if the listener doesn't speak Spanish.

Abriendo Caminos is an impressive debut, and a very professional self-produced product (the thick booklet features full lyrics in Spanish and English).



Set List

From the album:

1. Latinoamericanos
2. Yo contra la noche
3. Ave María
4. Cuando las hojas del Otoño caen
5. La niña de las estrellas
6. Todos llevan sus vidas
7. Abriendo Caminos
8. De la Tierra al altavoz (del campesino al político)
9. A veces no siempre
10.Vete ya
11.Regresa a mí
12.Es mejor
13.Pachamama (Madre Tierra)

Some covers