de jeugd van tegenwoordig
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de jeugd van tegenwoordig


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Parels Voor De Zwijnen (CD)

Watskeburt?! (12"/CDS)
Voorjekijkendoorlopen (CDS)
Ho Ho Ho (CDS)
De Stofzuiger (12"/CDS)
Shenkie (CDS)



Watskeburt?! (What’s Happened?!)

Freddy, Oliçio and Pepyn bump in to each other at the preliminary rounds of Pop Idol in Holland. Even though none of them reaches the next round, their mutual love for fluorescent clothing and incorrect grammar makes them bond on the spot, and they decide to work together. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (The Youth Of Today) was born, although none of the members had any idea of what they were going to do.
This changed after they were welcomed into the loving arms of De Neger Des Heils or Major Vlosshart, as he’s more formally known.

P. Fabergé (Pepyn von Bièreliér) is of half French/Eastern German, half Dutch descend and is the author of three successful novels (under pseudonym). Pepyn’s many hobbies and especially his love for hunting, bumper cars and trucker-paraphernalia is always notable in his razor-sharp lyrics. His shapely-bronzed body, the ever-present Belinda Menthol cigarette and the spandex shirts make him a very notable figure.

Vieze Fur (Freddy van Nazareth * December 24, 1983) lives in Coevoorden but prefers to spend most of his time in Amsterdam (North) where he’s taking great pleasure in driving Bus 38 during the day. If asked about his hobbies, he yells; “Going fast, fucking fast” At night he changes into an exclusive racing green butchers coat and works his shift at the slaughterhouse in Coevoorden, where he gets inspired to write his dark and lived-through poetry.

Willie Wartaal (Oliçio KoBoï Moderno) has a Colombian father and Finnish mother with whom he lived in Portugal until he was ten years old. Then he came to Holland; he has been happy ever since and is proud of his unemployed school-dropout status that enabled him to focus on his true vocation; making French fries and running. During his sometimes several days long running sessions Oliçio philosophies about life and has been known to break into singing.

De Neger Des Heils (Major Vlosshart) translates to something like “The Salvation (army) Negro”. The Major is a man with a big heart, when he saw the three rundown lowlifes, he couldn’t help himself and took the boys in. Soon the joyful singing of our three heroes was accompanied by the soothing sounds of the Major’s hand clapping and foot stomping. After the four of them recorded a whole album, the Major remembered the words of a very wise man; “If you love somebody, set them free”. And thus happened, Willie, Fabergé, and Fur went there own way and the Major attended to his other children Seymour Bits, Bastian, Fatima Yamaha and Comtron, who all needed attention.