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Dejha Colantuono

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Matt Bayles (producer credits include Mastodon, Isis, Minus The Bear, Murder City Devils, Shawn Smith, Russian Circles, Pearl Jam, Forward Russia, Brad, Botch)"

“Dejha's voice is what drew me to the project. Whether she is belting a track or singing quietly in your ear, there is a vocal quality that not many people are capable of. I am proud to have been involved with her and all the musicians who contributed to the record. “

- Matt Bayles (producer credits include Mastodon, Isis, Minus The Bear, Murder City Devils, Shawn Smi

"Jamie Siegel (producer credits include Taking Back Sunday, Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige, SpaceHog, Joss Stone)"

"Dejha is literally one of my favorite singers. Her music is vulnerable, honest, dark, beautiful - and exactly what the world needs." - Jamie Siegel (producer credits include Taking Back Sunday, Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige, SpaceHog, Jo

"Dejha Colantuono opens tour in support of Tea & Vodka"

Dejha Colantuono celebrates the release of her first solo album, Tea & Vodka, with a CD release party at the Sunset Tavern on July 28. She’s following up with a few more dates after that. For those of you who follow the Seattle music scene, you’ll know Dejha from 3-D, S&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples and Ragazza.

At the Sunset show, she’ll be joined on stage by friends Jason Finn of Presidents of the United States of America (on drums) and Kimberly Morrison of The Duchess and the Duke (on backing vocals) The show also features: DJ Vaneetz, Shawn Smith (Brad, Pigeonhed). Tickets are $7.00.

Tea & Vodka was produced by Matt Bayles whose credits include Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Isis and Russian Circles at Red Room Studios in Seattle (These Arms Are Snakes, Planes Mistaken For Stars).

Let’s be honest: I’m the last person who should be reviewing an Indie Rock CD. But I like power pop songs with good solid upbeat hooks, and I think a couple of tracks on here, such as Color Blue and Anxiety, are absolutely spot on for my iPod. - Culture Mob

"Dejha Record Release to intoxicate the Sunset tonight"

If you live in Seattle, you might hear her work with say the Rotten Apples spun again and again overhead at hang-outs like Linda's, remember when she played bass for Daylight Basement, or actually saw the raw diamond diva hit the jag-line between J. Jett and P. Houston live with bands Ragazza or 3-D S&M or The Pin-Ups.

Dejha Colantuono sounds as tough and tender as her suave songs, which get an expansive feel from Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Murder City Devils, Minus The Bear, Patrol) and no less than twelve musicians helping out on her next-level new solo LP, "Tea & Vodka."

It definitely has more finesse with its ferocity, but I'm still listening to it to acquire enough ideas for a review. However, if you're a fan too we should both hit The Sunset tomorrow night for the hometown record release, as Dejha is starting her nine date tour appropriately in Seattle to introduce new songs like "Color Blue," "Plus Minus Plus," and "Waltz For Lucy."

Dejha has been in the running for getting massive attention for a long time, and many should be cheering her on in the crowd that night (I love seeing her true fans screaming out for her whenever she plays). The record draws from deeper influences like Bowie and has players like drummer Matt Chamberlain (Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Macy Gray), and Bayles recorded it at the Red Room, owned by Stone Gossard, who says of Dejha, "This girl is going for broke and will inspire those who take the time to listen." Dave "Shins" Hernandez adds that the new album is "fantastic."

The new album hits the streets today, the actual date for the Seattle record release, and from there Dejha goes to Portland and San Fran and continues on. - Three Imaginary Girls

"Dejha Colantuono/Tea and Vodka: Mad Meow Music"

Formerly the lead lioness of one of my fave garage punk grrl bands, The Rotten Apples, Miss Colantuono leaves the rough and messy stuff behind on this outing that echoes her jazzy upbringing more than the hallowed halls of the Northwest’s dirty tribes. “Beginning to End” feels more in line with PJ Harvey – it’s slow without being plodding and dark without being dreary. Gluing it all together is her intonation, syncopation, and contoured voice that curls around your ears roughhewn as sandpaper, like a punk Stevie Nicks. The singularly upbeat and forceful “Color Blue” returns to familiar rock’n’pop territory, for she unleashes soaring melodies that feel catchy as hell without being flimsy, even as the lyrics border cliché (dreams coming true…). The woozy pop “Fences” flutters elegantly, like part acoustic serenade and part synthesizer dream spiel, as she discusses wasting time with friends, while “Anxiety” comes awfully close to the thrust, toughness, and tongue tangle of Rotten Apples. “I become my own worst enemy,” she warns as the songs kicks into high-gear, spreading flaming distortion blissfully across the dance floor. Short and wily as sonic haiku, it alone could sell the disc.

The slow groove of “Feel You’re Going Nowhere” appeals to late-era Blondie fans that enjoy urban lounge post-punk with slight funkified pop conventions. “Miss Fortune”is the softest side of her yet, almost shoegazy, as she both lifts spirits and provides hope (“everything will turn out to be just like you want it to”). Both soothing and soulful, she provides a comfort zone right when we might grow anxious and antsy. “Second Sight” bridges rawness with rhythmic roiling. She may be out to change our “life” in the song, but the fist-pupping dance-punk (“c’mon sugar watch me twirl”) feels both like a stab at explaining independence and a call to join her simultaneously. “Plus Minus Plus” waxes plaintive and mature, like recent Annie Lennox, as she examines how hearts both collide and align. Ying-yang poetry, perhaps. Meanwhile, she ends with nursery rhyme ballroom pop (“Waltz for Lucy”) and the perfectly held-in-check roar of “Poolside,” which is tempered and diffused by both temptation (“hey sweet thing”) and the truth of not needing anything at all. - Left of The Dial Magazine

"Dejha Colantuono – Tea & Vodka review"

Dejha Colantuono – Tea & Vodka
Review by Mike Bax

If you can judge an artist on the company she keeps, then Dejha should certainly need no introduction, as she has folks like Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Matt Rubano (Taking Back Sunday) and Dave Hernandez (The Shins) all piping up to sing her praises. Dejha has also recorded several full length albums with acts like Ragazza, Rotten Apples, The Pin Ups and 3-D S&M. Tea & Vodka is her first solo album, and it showcases eleven songs that, if nothing else, show off her ability to craft some interesting material.

Colantuono’s music is difficult to categorize. I hear moments of UK Bristol in some songs (‘Feel You’re Going Nowhere’) and some sludgy rock (‘Color Blue’) in others. Her vocals are really clean – although they can sound restrained in places – like hitting some high notes might not be an option. This doesn’t take away from her songs at all… in fact, her vocals marry nicely with the music on all eleven tracks on Tea & Vodka.

I can’t say for sure if this album will blow Colantuono out into the hearts and minds of the general public, but anyone taking the time to screen her body of work on either of her web-presences below may just find a song or two that they can’t get out of their heads. - FAZER Online Music Magazine

"Our Take"

By: Chris Dahlberg
July 14, 2009

Dejha Colantuono originally got her start in various Seattle bands which featured some of the more prominent musicians in the area. Since that time, Colantuono has continued to be a prominent figure as a member of Ragazza and also has been working on starting a solo career. She may have started off as a rock vocalist, but her solo material showcases a variety of different influences. On her debut release Tea and Vodka, Dejha has had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented musicians and engineers/mixers and because of this her material really stands out and is sure to be the start of something wonderful.

Though there is still plenty of rock oriented material on Tea and Vodka, Dejha Colantuono also showcases soul, indie, and even some trip hop/pop styles throughout the course of the release. In order to make her music come to life, Colantuono has enlisted the help of a number of talented musicians including Matt Bayles (ex Minus the Bear) and Matt Chamberlain (Tori Amos). The level of variety on this disc is very impressive and is often able to move between more energetic fast paced songs and slower paced ones, but no matter what the instrumentalists are doing nothing ever feels out of place. In fact, most listeners are likely to find that the material that stands out the most on Tea and Vodka is that which is more subtle and uses darker tinged melodies as the tracks that do are very atmospheric.

Anyone who has heard Colantuono’s work with the bands she has been a part of in the past already know that she has an absolutely wonderful voice, but those who haven’t heard her before now will really enjoy what they hear. Her voice is very melodic, and for much of her debut she uses a more laid back style that is varied in pitch to match the instrumental styles. But there are also times where her energy level amps up to rock singer levels, and when this happens she is able to push her voice slightly higher than some might expect. Overall, Dejha Colantuono has the kind of voice that will generate interest and that is exactly what an up and coming solo artist needs.

With Tea and Vodka, Dejha Colantuono is no longer just a noteworthy member of the Seattle scene but is also a flourishing solo artist. Her variety of styles and laid back voice is sure to appeal to fans of quite a few different genres, so even those who may not have liked some of the groups she may have been a part of in the past will still find something to like here.
- Cosmos Gaming

"Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam"

“Delicate and fully in bloom -- a line from Dejha Colantuono's new album perfectly summarizes her music and how it strikes me. Her voice expresses wisdom and sensitivity that comes from a mature artist’s experience in these modern times. Her song “Miss Fortune” illustrates how lethal the combination of a strong melodic hook, and a powerful and expressive lyric, can combine to create a fully realized composition. Dejha shows her dynamic ability on an album filled with both ballads and 80s rock-fueled energy. This girl is going for broke and will inspire those who take the time to listen.”
- Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam

"Matt Rubano of Taking Back Sunday"

“Dejha is a vocalists that restores hope that there are still strong, original voices out there.” - Matt Rubano of Taking Back Sunday

"Dave Hernandez of The Shins"

“I've always felt that my dear friend Dejha is one of the most heartfelt and honest singer songwriters around today. For years she’s been one of the best kept secrets and the favorite artist of professional musicians from New York to Seattle. Dejha Colantuono has created, what I feel is a record that shows her at her brightest and boldest yet. Tea & Vodka is fantastic.”
- Dave Hernandez of The Shins


Give You Mean - LP/CD - Trash 2001 - 2006 - Rotten Apples

Universal Radio - EP - Mad Meow Music - 2006 - Ragazza

Real Tuff - LP/CD - Trash 2001 - 2006 - Rotten Apples

Snap Out Of It - 7" - Trash 2001 - 2006 - Rotten Apples

Our Small Tribute to Blondie - Comp - Trash 2001 - 2005 - Ragazza

Our Small Tribute to Blondie - Comp - Trash 2001 - 2005 - Rotten Apples

Play It Loud - Comp - Trash 2001 - 2004 - Rotten Apples

Dirtnap Across the Northwest - LP/CD - Dirtnap Records - 2003 - Rotten Apples

Real Tuff (Durable Plastic) - LP/CD - Empty Records - 2002 - Rotten Apples

Backseat Memoirs - CD - Goodink Records/MMM - 2000 - The Pin - Ups

Live at the Colourbox Vol. 1 - CD - Red Rock Records - 1995 - 3-D S&M



Dejha Colantuono is a singer, songwriter, performer, arranger, and icon in her own right. Born in New York City to accomplished jazz musicians, Dejha got her start very young, absorbing the influences around her. These influences would lay the foundation for her innate ear for writing and playing music.

Dejha was self-taught in most respects, wearing many musical hats, playing drums, bass, keyboards and guitar, in addition to developing her signature soulful yet undeniably rock-and-roll vocal style.

She cut her teeth in the early Seattle music scene. Her powerhouse vocals and emotionally wrought lyricism quickly earned her a reputation as one of the city’s up-and-coming musical talents. She formed and fronted some of Seattle's more noteworthy bands including 3-D S&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza. All of these bands included a rotating cast of Seattle all-stars (members of the Briefs, PUSA, and Blind Melon to name a few), but the defining anchor in all of them was Dejha's unmistakable voice and songwriting talent. Her signature vocals and hooks manage to be simultaneously raw, with visceral intensity and yet infused with undeniable sing-a-long pop appeal.

Dejha's many projects have allowed her to work with such production/engineering luminaries as Adam Kasper (Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones), Martin Feveyear (Briefs, PUSA, Mark Lanegan, Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age), Matt Bayles (Minus The Bear, Isis, Mastodon), and Jamie Siegel (Taking Back Sunday, Mary J. Blige, Spacehog, Lauren Hill). She has toured the West Coast and Europe extensively, played SXSW, and recorded and co-produced an impressive collection of full-length albums.

Some of her recent projects include a songwriting/recording collaboration with Joey Veneziani in the electronic band Ragazza, as well as singing and performing in Stone Gossard's HankWilliams Choir.

Dejha is now working diligently on her solo career. She recently recorded and co-produced her debut solo album Tea & Vodka with Matt Bayles at Red Room Studios in Seattle. Tea & Vodka boasts an eclectic mix of different styles and influences. The material is David Bowie, Sade, Prince, Chrissie Hynde, Bjork and Deborah Harry pondering melodies in a smoke filled, dimly lit opium den. It’s an integral, provocative view into the heart of a multifaceted artist, delivered with pathos and unabashed, passionate honesty.

Dejha is currently based in Brooklyn, New York where she is preparing for her summer tour in support of Tea & Vodka (out July 28th 2009 on Mad Meow Music).