DEKAY Outer space psychedelic funky jazz electronic dance music influenced from wide range of janers such as techno, house, progressive rock and spacey disco. all together combined to a Live act which takes you to the end of the galaxy and all the way back.


DEKAY aka Danny Kotz was born in Jerusalem in 1984 and playing jazz piano since he remembers himself.
A former break dancer and a self taught producer whos luckily grew up through the golden age of jerusalem's underground music scene of the early millennium.
At the year 2005 visiting Berlin for his first time and being fascinated from the fresh minimalistic sound of the city and its notorious club culture,
what brought him to come back a year later and to start working on his own musical project.

His jazz musical background combined with his passion and love for electronic dance music, and the fact that his himself is an actual dancer made his music to be an interesting funky fusion of drive depth and melody.


Its possible to listen to streaming of DEKAY @ myspace:
and as well @ soundcloud:
where its possible as well to listen to recorded sets and shows.

Set List

DEKAY is one untill one and a half hour show of original tracks complitly produced by DEKAY, and played dynamic as an Ableton Live Set combined with improvised elements